Marketing Plan

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Why Wasleen!!


Wasleen is the first of its type in Egypt and the Center Eastern to merge the youngsters with the professional globe of company. It was released in March 2012 as youngsters based group to provide the concepts of the youngsters to the business fields, apply them on actual life cases and provide the concepts of the youngsters to the exterior globe. All it gets is focus and creativeness. Wasleen provides a delighted environment for the youngsters to perform at and release their creativeness. As it's one of a kind, it is providing the way for the area's discovery of its youths’ abilities and possibilities. Our objective is to reduce the gap between the customers and the companies from the youth’s viewpoints. We also get ready the youngsters to become future leaders in the corporate globe. Objectives:

We are dedicated to our company values, and the company is based on youngsters who are having ideas and impressive company alternatives in a ways that make our customers think of us proudly. Wasleen is a non-traditional strategic innovation firm. We help organizations achieve developments that grow the top line - through opportunity recognition, new business creation, business match making, technique growth and new product, service and category innovation .We help our customers build maintainable advancement ability by dealing with strategic, organizational and cultural challenges that is required to face today’s business environment. Our focus lies at the intersection of insight and inspiration, and is informed by business knowledge, and culture.
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