Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Guide

Marketing planning
A marketing plan assists you to integrate your total marketing effort. It ensures a systematic approach to developing products and services to meet and satisfy your customers’ needs.  When you're writing a marketing plan you need to be clear about your objectives and how you'll achieve them. A good marketing plan sets clear, realistic and measurable objectives, includes deadlines, provides a budget and allocates responsibilities. A plan can consist of these elements: • analysis of your current market

• your business objectives
• key strategies
• steps to achieving your objectives
• proposed budget
• timing.

Template overview

This template overview provides details on each question asked throughout the marketing plan template as well as links to further information. When you start answering a question in your marketing plan, you can refer to the relevant question below to help guide your answer.

Title page

|Question |Explanation |More information | |Insert your business logo |Adding a logo helps give your business a more professional image. | | |Your name |Enter the business owner's name. Enter multiple names if there are multiple owners. | | |Your title |The titles of the business owner(s) listed above, e.g. Owner/Manager | | |Business name |Enter your business name as registered in your state/territory. |Visit our Register your business name page. | |Main business address |Enter your main business address. This can be your home address if you are a home-based business or your head | | | |office if you have more than one location. | | |ABN |Enter your Australian Business Number. If you are a business and have registered for an ABN enter it here. |Visit our Register for an Australian Business Number | | | |(ABN) page. | |ACN |Enter your Australian Company Number. Only fill this in if you are a company. |Visit our Register your company page. | |Prepared |The date you finished preparing your marketing plan. | | |Table of Contents |If you have changed this template in any way, please remember to update the table of contents to reflect the | | | |changes. | | Marketing plan summary

Your marketing summary should be no longer than a page and should focus on why your business is...
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