Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Dance, Ballroom dance Pages: 21 (6630 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Sole Heaven Shoe Carrier
June 7th, 2012
Sandi , Luke , Raeleen

Table of Contents
Executive Summary4
Company Description4
Mission Statement5
Core Competency5
Situation Analysis6
Industry Analysis6
SWOT Analysis8
Consumer Analysis9
Behavior Factors9
Marketing Strategy10
Marketing Mix10
Product Launch Objectives10
Target Markets10
Ballroom Shoe Manufactures10
Ballroom Schools10
Ballroom Accessory Companies11
End User - Professionals11
Market Needs11
Customer Value Proposition11
Marketing Research12
Product Life Cycle13
BCG Growth Matrix13
Marketing Communication Mix14
Positioning Statement14
Personal selling14
Direct marketing14
Sales promotion14
Public relations14
Communication Objectives15
Promotion Strategy15
Distribution Strategy15
Decision Tree16
Cost Per Bag Breakdown16
Proposed Budget17
Unit Selling Price18
Break Even Analysis18
Sales Potential18
Price Strategy18
Contingency Planning19

Executive Summary
 Sole Heaven is a professional shoe bag designed and sold in Mystic, CT. The current offerings to the ballroom community are woefully inadequate and of poor quality. Currently, the only shoe bags available are either thin polyester or nylon solid color drawstring bags that come with the purchase of ballroom shoes, oversized plastic canvas types or brightly colored or mixed print varieties. All are made of nylon, polyester or some form of plastic canvas and do not provide easy viewing of its contents. Sole Heaven has created an unmatched, high quality and long lasting carrier with a 5 year guarantee which will include a variety of styles to accommodate different shoe types and sizes. Our goal is for Sole Heaven to leverage its extensive knowledge of the ballroom industry so to quickly gain market share. Profitability can be reached with $150,000 generated in revenue by year three. Sole Heaven is entering their first year of operation. A comprehensive marketing plan is required to reach profitability and ensure future success.  Sole Heaven offers an unprecedented quality shoe carrier to satisfy upscale ballroom dancers, shoe suppliers and the ballroom industry at large. Company Description

The goal of Sole Heaven is to create the most practical, durable and fashionable ballroom dance shoe case. Our organization is designed with and by ballroom experts with a keen understanding of dancers needs. Our unique products will be sold primarily through business-to-business to Shoe companies and ballroom schools. The combination of exclusivity (and possibly patent pending technology) will increase our value to those whom we choose to serve. SH is new company addressing a familiar problem of dancers with fresh eyes, keen knowledge of the dance world, and exquisite molding and needlecraft skill. The company promises to provide durable products dancers will be proud to carry into the ballroom or social party and a 5-year guarantee to cradle and protect your their investment. Sole Heaven was initially conceived by a couple of ballroom dancers, a dance instructor and her husband, who were both frustrated with the lack of quality of the current shoe bag offerings. With shoes costing anywhere from high quality street shoe prices to over $300 per pair, they believed their shoe holder should match its high quality shoe investment. With current shoe bags being either low quality loose drawstring bags that can’t be seen into without opening to identify which shoes it contains, or sporting flashy colors and prints, these dancers sought a shoe carrier that represented a sophisticated look and a high quality material that was practical and protected their shoe investment. They began searching for this...
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