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Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Scrap Pages: 30 (7748 words) Published: March 15, 2013
I. Executive Summary
SA Recycling is a recycling company that has been in the industry for over 50 years and is recognized as the largest scrap metal recycler in the Southwestern United States, providing approximately ten percent of total scrap metals exported annually. In this marketing plan, we focus on the supplier side, specifically in the residential area, to obtain more recyclable materials in order to maintain its exporting market share in the industry. We suggest SA Recycling apply a market penetration strategy as its strategic direction for long-term sustainable growth.

Within the next year, we recommend five marketing activities to ensure SA Recycling’s objectives are attainable. First, the company should launch a referral program to strengthen current suppliers’ loyalty and to acquire new suppliers. Second, SA Recycling should hand out free bumper stickers with the company’s name on them as a gift to current suppliers and encourage them to put these stickers on their vehicle, as a symbol of cooperation to increase awareness in the community. Third, SA Recycling should increase awareness for its pick-up service through truck decal advertisement since most of our competitors do not offer this service. Fourth, SA Recycling should use newspapers as an advertisement channel to reach potential suppliers. Lastly, the company should continue to further develop its environmental educational program at public high schools. These marketing activities will allow SA Recycling to enhance its relationships with current suppliers, create more transactions with new suppliers, and increase awareness in the community. II. Vision Statement

SA Recycling thrives to broaden its leadership in the recycling industry by raising the bar in safety, efficiency, environmental compliance, cultivating a staff of industry experts to build lasting customer and supplier relationships, while sharing the success with the community. III. Business Mission

Mission Statement: SA Recycling is a recycling company that is committed to environmental sustainability by recognizing the importance of protecting the planet’s natural resources, keeping harmful contaminates out of the air and water, and making the world a better place to live for everyone. SA Recycling offers an easy, fast, convenient process combined with top prices and safe environment for families and businesses to recycle their materials, while reduces the need for mining, saves energy, lowers production costs for metal manufacturers, and delivers quality metal products throughout the world. IV. Marketing Objectives

Through marketing activities, SA Recycling hopes to increase its brand awareness to a larger number of suppliers over the next year in order to obtain more recyclable materials, from an average of 17,000 tons per week to an average of 20,000 tons per week. With more recyclable materials, it can increase the frequency of shipments to international customers, from three shipments every seven weeks to three shipments every six weeks (40,000 tons per shipment). V. Situation Analysis

Company Overview: SA Recycling is a recycling company that specializes in metal recycling. It was established in February 1962 as a joint venture business with the original name Hugo Neu-Proler which lasted for 30 years. Ever since then, the company had gone through several joint venture business changes and finally became SA Recycling in 2006. SA recycling is a joint ownership of Sims Group and Adams Steel, which explains the name, “S” for Sims and “A” for Adams. The two parties have 50/50 participation in all decision making, but operates under the presidency of CEO George Adams. Today SA Recycling has more than 50 recycling facilities located throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. It also operates the only two port-loading facilities in the southwest United States, which are the port of Long Beach and the port of Los Angeles. SA Recycling offers a...
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