Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Education, Balance sheet Pages: 15 (3749 words) Published: January 16, 2013

Tropicana Tuition Centre

Marketing Plan

No. 8A, Jalan Tropika 8/1,
Taman Tropika, Sungai Tangkas,
43000 Bangi, Selangor.

Prepared By: Adi Fazuli Mamat
Matric No: GM04605

No| Item| Page|
1| Business Overview| 1|
2| Market Overview| 1|
| 2.1 Customer Information| 2|
| 2.2 Market Information| 3|
| 2.3 Industry Information| 4|
| 2.4 Product/Service Information| 5|
3| Objectives| 5|
4| Strategy| 6|
| 4.1 Product| 6|
| 4.2 Pricing| 7|
| 4.3 Promotion| 7|
| 4.4 Operational Plan| 9|
| 4.5 Sales Promotion| 9|
| 4.6 Advertising| 10|
| 4.7 Public Relations| 10|
| 4.8 Direct Marketing| 11|
| 4.9 Online Marketing| 11|
5| Budgets| 12|
6| Action Plan| 13|
7| Supporting Documentation| 14|
Table of Content

Business Overview

Tropicana Tuition Centre is a new institution aiming to provide quality education for primary and secondary school students. It will be officially opened in November 2012. The objective of this centre is to complement with what students have learnt in schools and not to replace the role of school itself. In Tropicana Tuition Centre we believed in providing quality education with affordable fees, which will set us apart from our competitors. We provide all subjects related to Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) and Sijil Penilaian Malaysia (SPM) examination. In five years we hope to be a leading tuition centre in the area of Kajang and Bangi. This Marketing Plan has been designed to provide the business with clear direction for a better future.

Market Overview

Education plays a major role in the process of building a nation. By having a good education system the young generation may fill up their potential to the maximum level and the country will get the benefit from it. In order to compliment what have been provided by the government Tropicana Tuition Centre aim to help its students to achieve their fullest potential by having quality education. The key to a successful education or tuition centre is quality education with a relatively low fee. More than that we have a pool of experience teachers or tutors and air condition class room which will provide better and conducive learning environment. The demand for tuition service has been steady for many years and seems that it was not affected by economic crisis. However with the increasing trend in the opening of new tuition centre it seems that the competition becomes tougher every day. The slice of cake may become bigger but the fields are crowded with more players. In order to attract more customers the tuition operators need emphasize on quality education but at the same time seem not to charge higher fee. The cost factor will continue to put pressure on the industry as a whole. However, there will always be people looking for quality educations with reasonable fee. Provided the tuition centre meets the students’ needs and is well-located, a successful business can be built. This Marketing Plan is designed to identify the target market for Tropicana Tuition Centre and enable it to attract clientele through careful promotion.

Marketing Research
During the initial stages of the marketing plan development Tropicana Tuition Centre performed primary market research in the form of a questionnaire / survey. Tropicana Tuition Centre outsourced the development of the survey to a local firm, AMZ Sdn. Bhd. While Tropicana Tuition Centre could have developed the survey in-house, the end result was a far more valid and statistically significant product. The survey was handed out to a total of 300 people within the target market. About 102 surveys were returned completed. The results of the survey provided valuable insight into the customer preferences as well as the decision making process of the target market. While some of the already held assumptions were confirmed, the survey provided Tropicana Tuition Centre with new information...
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