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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Marketing plan is a written document of how an organization will compete in the environment within which its product offerings can be located. It includes the strategy, and how to implement these strategies to gain competitive advantage. Below is the marketing plan of Monique Beauty and Spa Executive Summary

Monique Beauty and Spa is a company that has created a brand concept consisting of both skin care and athletic apparel utilizing multiple channels of distribution. The plan that follows explains our market, our value proposition and our market segmentation strategy. The detailed financial plans provide a clear view of our sales and profit forecasts. These plans show how Monique beauty will reach profitability in our third year of operation and generate shareholder return on equity within five years. Our targeted end user is between the ages of 24 and 65. They are female urban professionals with at least some college. This consumer has an active lifestyle. They are concerned about social and environmental issues. Mind and body wellness are important to them. Mission

Our Mission is to establish Monique beauty and spa as an important brand that represents quality in skin care, fitness, apparel and accessories. We will accomplish this using high quality manufacturing and research, a creative marketing program, and a comprehensive distribution network using both brick and mortar retail outlets, internet presence, and a consumer catalogue. We will utilize this multi-channel approach to be able to reach the niche market for quality personal care products rapidly and efficiently. Monique beauty will have two product lines, skin care and fitness apparel. Within the skin care line we will offer a wide array of products including eye makeup removers, cleansing creams, facial scrubs and masks, and body lotions.

Situation Analysis
Monique Beauty and Spa is entering its third year of business.  The business model has been well received and marketing is...
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