Marketing Plan

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Management Pages: 3 (528 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Marketing Plan Assignment – Due Dec 11 – 1:30 PM

Early Submission Bonus – 2% per day (max 5 business days)

Group Assignment: Between 2 and 5 members per group

The purpose of this course is to ensure that each student develop an understanding of Marketing and how to apply marketing knowledge. For this assignment you will create a marketing plan for a fictional restaurant/food service establishment in the Niagara Region. The primary aim of your strategic plan is to get the reader excited about the restaurant/food service establishment you have been planning. That is, upon reading the document the reader should have a full understanding of how the business will function and how the product will be positioned in the minds of consumers. It should be very clear from your discussion of the Marketing Mix who your intended customers are and how you plan to bring them to your facility.

Students must follow the marketing plan template that accompanies your marketing text (Appendix A). Your final report (Approx 12-15 pages) will be evaluated as follows:

Company overview - Company Description, Strategic Focus and plan (Mission/Vision, Goals, Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage) 15 MARKS Internal and External Analysis - Situation Analysis (SWOT Analysis, Internal Strengths and Weaknesses [Management, Offerings, Marketing, Personnel, Finance, Manufacturing, Research and Development]), External Opportunities and Threats (Consumer/Social, Competitive, Technological, Economic, Legal/Regulatory, Industry Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Company Analysis, Customer Analysis) – 15 MARKS Market-Product Focus - Marketing and Product Objectives (Target Markets, Points of Difference, Positioning) 10 MARKS Marketing Program - Product Strategy, Price Strategy, Promotion Strategy, Place (Distribution Strategy) 35 MARKS Financial Data and Projections - Five-Year Projections 5 MARKS Logistics - Organization, Implementation, Evaluation and Control 10 MARKS...
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