Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Wine Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Written Assignment 2
Gloria Cevallos

Formerly known as Stuart Cellars, now Bel Vino is one of the friendliest and finest family owned wineries in Southern California. Since their inception their goal has been to produce wine they are proud of sharing and selling at the right price. They strive to succeed in their industry by adopting wine making traditions of the Old World, meaning Europe and regions of the Mediterranean, while producing it at the local Californian wineries. Producing 150 tons of grapes and 16,000 cases of wine per year, Stuart Cellars’ 49 acre estate vineyard is a winery like no other. For Stuart Cellars, the business of making wine, not only involves the process of making a superior wine that would satisfy the needs and taste of their customers, but also advertising it, and selling at the right price. Throughout the winemaking process, Stuart Cellars maintains a vigilant adherence to quality, which begins with the method used to ripen their grapes, planting them from north to south, a French tradition that allows grapes to ripen evenly on both sides of the vines. The result is a superior quality of grapes with vibrant colors and richer flavors that ensures the production of the best bottle of wine. Although our textbook describes the marketing mix, also known as the 4P’s, being product, price, place, and promotion; I would add another “P” for people, as a guiding principle to analyze the activities-variables-tools dealt with in the marketing management plan utilized by Stuart Cellars. For Stuart Cellars defining their target market, the upper end wine consumer, which is 10 -15 % within the wine community, is key. In addition, aligning this image of a wine connoisseur, one, that is able to afford the premium wine, at a premium price had played a vital role in their effective pricing decisions. A primary goal for Stuart Cellars is to create and maintain the right mix by making the right decisions with their target market in...
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