Marketing Packaging Project

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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Marketing Packaging Assignment
For this assignment I chose to do the packaging of the box my cellphone came in, when I purchased it at a large electronic retailer around 8 months ago. I remember when I was buying the phone the sleek design of the packaging definitely helped me make my decision on buying it or going with one of its rivals. Although I had already done some research and determined this is the product I wanted, I could have easily changed my mind if the package the device came in was just a dull box. I, like thousands of people around the world bought the IPhone to keep up with the trend and to have it play an integral part of my social life. This packaging it came in helped reinforce that this was the phone for me. The phone is made by Apple here in California as it says on the side of the box. This gives it that homegrown feel when although most of the phone was designed and put together overseas. The phones finishing touches, so to speak, were put together right here in the United States. This reaches out to people as an emotional appeal that this is a homegrown product when in all reality it is no such thing. The model is called the Iphone 4, following its 3 predecessors. The phone comes in a nice carefully packaged case that is inside a larger box. The whole box is no bigger than 7 inches long and weighs probably near one pound. Some packing strategy is on display in the way the company packed the headphones as well as a charging cord into the box underneath the phone. This term is the primary package and it describes the interior of the package that customers don’t see right away. Like brands, packaging and labels help sell the product and facilitate its use. The primary package holds the product, and its label provides product information. The secondary package which contains the UPC label used by the retail scanners does not add much more to the package, going along again with the fact that it is meant to be clean and simple. The tangible...
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