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Packaging Assignment – Sun-Maid Raisins

There are not many brands of raisins that are found on a shelf of a typical supermarket but compared to its competitors, like Newman’s Own Raisins and Champion Raisin, the Sun-Maid raisins packaging stands out. Since sun-maid raisins come in many different packaging sizes and forms, I will focus on their 15-ounce red box packaging. Sun-maid raisins stand out due to many factors like its visibility, the information given on the packaging, emotional appeal to its consumers and the workability of the packaging.

At first glance, a consumer may see three main things on the box front: sun-maid’s well-known logo, the word “sun-maid” and the word “raisins” in the middle of a picture of fresh grapes and raisins. Sun-maid’s large yellow logo of the woman holding grapes, modeled after Lorraine Collett Petersen, has been the logo for sun-maid since 1915, three years after the brand was started. Most of its consumers worldwide are familiar with this logo and it is positioned at the top of the box where it is very visible against the red background. For those consumers who are not familiar with the brand logo, the brand name “sun-maid” is states in large yellow font across the center of the box. The word “raisins” is also stated near the bottom of the box among a picture of fresh grapes and raisins to attract consumers who may be interested in buying raisins.

Another smaller logo that was introduced recently, and is probably only temporary, saying “healthy food award” and “fitness” informs consumers that sun-maid raisins carries a “Fitness Healthy Food Award” assessed by experts on the “Fitness” magazine. This logo is supported by additional information about the award, formatted as a paragraph on the back of the box, and integrates methods of consuming these raisins into the paragraph. They suggested to “sprinkle raisins on cereals, yogurts, salads or snack right out of the package. On the front of the...
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