Marketing of Strong Global Brands: NFL vs. IPL

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  • Published : February 20, 2011
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It isn’t early days, no sir
Getting together for the Mountain and the 2012 rush
Of course, out here in this part of the world Soccer is a more easy Football name to mind. But it is not happenstance that America and MNCs led by Marketing of Strong Global Brands from around the world have a time-tested affinity for the Superbowl. Global diaspora have time and again, found the Superbowl to be an exacting opportunity, even as GM, Pepsi and Fedex bow out this year. The Social World and the recession has had a normative effect. We’ve definitely accelerated the availability of Superbowl information this year. Before we in the social media glitterati start congratulating ourselves however, this phenomenon could be derailed sooner with the next Superbowl bring back the previous higher spends and low-marketing dollar Superbowls. This February event would still net the larger dollars as the bookings are full and that would keep us glued to more brand action for the hoi polloi amongst us and the farther reaching shores of the sport. Nearer home in Asia, IPL has had a exponential normative effect at the same time. And the calendars clash too. So sooner than later despite the different sports followers in both ‘worlds’ we are going to have a unique competitive saga which has never been replicated earlier (muse delta) with NBA or MLB. The game of cricket and the IPL format have run the run-rate of a jingling theater to perfection causing a little heartburn and greater celebration in the cricketing fraternity for the higher dollars and the higher ad-spends. Howver the hyper eclectic ramp up also means the cricketing dollars roi has been weak for the exacting spends ( Obama would’ve stop criticising Landry and Chrysler if he knew) Also, we are just about setting up the benchmarks for each new channel. but, to sign off for now, it isn’t early days, no sir.
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