Marketing of Physical Product vs Services

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  • Published : July 25, 2012
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Assignment # Week 04

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Marketing of physical products VS marketing of services
The marketing of physical products and marketing of services expose two different situations in marketing which requires different strategies. With physical product marketing you need to consider the product, price, place and promotions which are the standard 4Ps approach. When it’s come to marketing of services you need to consider people, process and proof on top of the standard 4Ps approach. Services are intangible, inseparable, perishable and variable. To price a physical product you have to demonstrate and explain its benefits in relation to customer needs, but to price a service you have to prove that the service is consistent and can provide quality service to meet the customer needs. In physical products marketing you market a tangible product and customer can examined and tried the quality of different products before buy. Also the physical products are returnable if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product. Marketing of a service is quite different to marketing of a physical product as the services marketing based on relationship and value. Services are often intangible and it’s very important to demonstrate the quality of the process and proof of reasonable outcome to the customer. It’s mainly very difficult to compare the quality of similar services and cannot be examined before purchase. The success of the most of the services is the reputation of the service provider, most of the time a person or a team. Most importantly services are non returnable like physical product. Maintaining a consistent quality in physical product is always a possibility with proper control systems, but people are the ones that deliver the services. People are the most difficult part of maintaining the consistency in services marketing. With service you are dependent on people to offer the best and consistent services to each and every customer. Also...
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