Marketing of Clothes Washing Services

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Clean Freak- your smartness, our Pride

The word “laundry” means the removal of stains, washing and finishing (ironing and finishing) storage of all types of clothes and articles

Reasons for laundering clothes
1. To remove perspiration which if not removed may damage the garment. 2. To remove dirt and grease which may discolour the garment or cause them to smell. 3. Launder clothes for hygienic purposes. Dirty clothes may carry germs which bring about diseases e.g. skin diseases. 4. Well laundered clothes maintain their color better

5. Garment which are frequently and properly laundered last longer because perspiration is not given time to damage fibers. 6. Laundered and well ironed clothes stay clean for a longer period as dust does not stick on the smooth surfaces. 7. By ironing clothes, insects and germs which get on to the clothes as they dry are killed 8. To give clothes good a shape and to make them look as new as possible.

The process of laundry ensures the care of clothes and other items made of textile fibers of different types. For efficiency in laundry work, the basic equipment apparatus and appropriate cleaning aids are essential. Equipment and aids have continually been developed to make laundry work easier and more enjoyable. Despite the presence of this equipment, there is needed to understand the properties of the fabrics in common use to facilitate the choice of methods for the general care of clothes. Introduction

Clean Freak is a concept of Cleaning Services available to individuals and families, including dry cleaning and laundry. Clean Touch intends to offer affordable "luxury" cleaning to all. Quality is made available to everybody. Clean Freak is the best service provider. The core business is the cleaning of clothes. Our professional team is taking care of each item with a great respect. Removal of the spots, small repairs, high quality finishing are some of the features that make Clean Freak different.

Situation Analysis

Clean Freak service is entering its first year as a start-up business. The idea has been well received and marketing will be critical to the success of the business. Clean Freak offers a clean, convenient laundry facility for those that do their own laundry, as well as those in need of optional services. It will lure customers in with excellent customer service, membership and discount facility, a pick and drop service of clothes.

Market Summary

We have captured good information about the market and know a fair amount about the target customers. To determine the actual demand for the service a market research survey. We see many people are interested and have great demand for the offering we are going to deliver through our laundry service. The services are given by other companies are not as good as people demand. The facilities offered to customers like picking the clothes from home and deliver it back to homes as well as optional services such as full service washing, alteration of clothes and 24 hours clean box service, very affordable prices and also guarantee of usage of very good washing material are highly admired from the respondents. CF’s market information will be used to better understand who is served, their specific needs, and how CF can better communicate with them. Market Trend

The market trends are

• Now a day’s people become more conscious about their dressing and they want their self more prominent due to their clean and shining clothes. • Media has also performing a very clear role in the dressing sensitivity of the people. • Now the large numbers of people are doing jobs and they are professional so their executive environment demands that they should dress up mannerly. • Technology has driven down the costs of equipment that offer technological efficiencies. • Using technology reduces the dependence on human labor. 7 P’S of Services Marketing

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