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Tea Industry of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small tea producing country with 3% of the word’s tea production. Tea is agro based, labor incentive and export oriented sector and plays an important role in the national economy through export earnings, trade balance and employment generation. Our tea industry dates back to 1857 when the first tea garden was established at Malnicherra in Sylhet. To day we have 163 tea gardens. The annually production of tea 60 million Kg of made tea and hope to increase our production to 90 million Kg in the next 15 years.

Basic Facts of Bangladesh Tea Industry

1. No of tea estates: 163
2. No of tea factories: 114
3. Total allocated area: 113863.62 hectare
4. Total area under tea: 48610.16 hectare

Characteristics of Bangladeshi Tea

Our tea grown on the lush green slopes of Surma and Halda Vallyes are fame for the following

a. Appearance – Clearness
b. Color – Bright
c. Liquor – Pungent i.e. strong but not bitter
d. Flavor - It has flavor of Assam tea
Quality of our tea has the character of brightness with strength briskness and takes little time in brewing. Manufacture of Tea

After plucking green leaf are transported to the factory for manufacture. The process of manufacturing comprises following stages-

1. Withering i.e. moisture removal of about 10-15 (65-70% wither) from leaf and bring some chemical for optimum quality development.

2. Fermentation i.e. oxidation process – when tea catechins i.e. polyphonols are degraded to desirable biochemical constituents named Theoflavin (TF) and Thearubigin (TR).

3. Drying i.e. moisture removal form oxidized leaf to 2-3% at dryer mouth level.

4. Sorting i.e. grading of made tea according to particles sizes and are given a grade name e.g. FP, FBOP, BOP, GBOP, OF, FOF, PD, RD, D, CD (10 Primary Grades of CTC) while manufacturing tea in Bangladesh, bright liquor with sufficient strength and aroma, pungency and ISO 3720 are...
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