Marketing of Bank Product

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1.1 Background of the study:
We studied our courses on business studies from theoretical aspects. There was no scope to earn practical knowledge about business and its environment, theory and practice are inter-related and are equally important. Knowledge is not fruitful one unless it is a combination of both theory and practical. Under the department of Business Administration, BBA Program allows its student to study and analysis a selected organization in order to get a practical knowledge which also facilitates use of theoretical knowledge, students have already gathered. As a part of requirement of BBA Program, I was also assigned to prepare report titled: “Marketing of Bank product of NCC Bank Ltd. Special Focus on “Innovative Suggestion for NCC Bank Ltd.”.

1.2 Objective of the Study:
Though the main objective is to prepare myself in such a manner as though I can equip myself with the practical field as well as I will be able to know the different aspect of the banking sector and to evaluate how a bank is performing in Loans and Advance sector. In addition, the study seeks to achieve the following objectives: a) To know the organizational framework of the bank.

b) To know the work environment and organizational behaviors of the Bank. c) To find out how the general banking system works.
d) To see how the loans and advances are provided to the borrowers. e) To acquire knowledge about the foreign exchange system of the bank. f) To analyze the growth of deposits in the bank.
g) To analyze the growth of advances in the bank.
h) To analyze the growth of investment in the bank.
i) To compare the financial performance among several years of the Bank and with other banks. 1.3 Methodology of the report:
The report is a combination of primary and secondary data analysis along with financial analysis. To accomplish the report both primary and secondary data were necessary. Primary data is collected though meetings, surveys and secondary data are collected through annual reports, books, articles, journals, brochures, website etc.

Methods for primary & secondary data collection:

a) Primary data
The primary data of this report are:
* Direct interviews with the officers of the bank.
* Practical experiences gained during performing duties in different desks and departments. b) Secondary data
Secondary data is collected from the following sources:
* Annual reports of NCCBL.
* Printed forms and documents supplied by NCCBL.
* Booklets of international division of NCCBL.
* Different publications and journals regarding banking activities and policies. * Auditor’s reports of NCCBL.
* Website of NCCBL (

1.4 Origin of the Report:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a professional course. The course is designed with an excellent combination of practical and theoretical aspects. After completing BBA certain times is preserved for internship. As a student of BBA I was assigned to National Credit and Commerce Bank limited (NCCBL) to Foreign Exchange Branch, Dhaka for my internship. My internship Topic is “Marketing of Bank products: Innovative Suggestion for NCC Bank Ltd”. 1.5 Mission Statement:

To mobilize financial resources from within and abroad to contribute to Agriculture's, Industry & Socio-economic development of the country and to play a catalytic role in the formation of capital market. 1.6 Vision Statement:

To become the Bank of choice in serving the Nation as a progressive and Socially Responsible financial institution by bringing credit & commerce together for profit and sustainable growth.
Rationale of the Study:

This report basically deals with the Customer satisfaction of National Credit and Commerce Bank Limited (NCCBL).

Statement of the problem:

In my report entitled “Marketing of Bank products: Innovative Suggestion for NCC Bank Ltd.”, here I have analyzed the overall Marketing and credit system of NCC...
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