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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Information technology in Nepal
This is the age of information and technology. Nepal has also moved forward in the development of information and technology. The development of telephone, mobile, fax, internet etc. has made marketing research easy and simple. Although some marketing managers in Nepal take decision at hunch, all managers do not do so. While taking decision, they are found using marketing information system. 1. After the economic liberalization 1980s, Nepalese market has changed into buyers’ market from sellers’. 2. The monopoly situation has changed into competitive one. 3. The protected regime has been gradually replaced by open economic regime where domestic producers need to compete with multinational companies. In this situation, Nepalese market has become excessively competitive and every firm-big or small- has understood the importance of marketing information for decision making. 4. Marketing research activity started in Nepal from the beginning of 1980s. it was first developed by a social marketing firm named contraceptive retail sales company. 5. In 1982, Surya Nepal(then Surya tobacco Pvt. Ltd) began conducting market research to better understand the need and problem of smokers. 6. In the late 80s Gorkaha Brewery also conducted several research on generating profiles to beer consumers. 7. In 1990s many multinational companies were established in Nepal under joint venture and licensing. These companies had their tradition of relying on marketing information system for decision making. It helped many indigenous companies to be curious about the value of marketing information system. Changing trend of marketing information system in Nepal

1. Internal record system: Internal records should be compulsorily kept in Nepalese marketing organizations. 2. Marketing intelligence system: In Nepal, the information collected from both formal and informal sources. 3. Marketing search system: In Nepal more...
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