Marketing Mypoia

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Marketing Myopia
Marketing Myopia reflects on the utmost need and necessity of having executives; by this people who deal with the broad aim and policies of the Company, with profound leadership, human organization and direction for any Company to not just barely survive but to “survive gallantly” in this ever changing dynamic environment. By emphasizing on the lack of such leaders thereof and illustrating examples of industries that have suffered their share of ill fate, the author tries to highlight the key areas as undermined by industries and people pertaining to these position. The examples as sighted in the article are predominantly based on the so called “growth industries”, the ones that believed in uninterruptable growth of the industry rather than identifying that the companies which prospered during the duration were only companies that organized and operated to create and capitalize on the growth opportunities present at that point of time. The myopia reflects not only on the shortsightedness of not seeing future growth prospects but on the very foundation upon which decisions were made. The key points highlighted include: * Narrow minded preoccupation with a specific product. Chief products were defined in the narrowest sense possible, for example railroad industries considered themselves to be in the industry of creating trains instead of seeing the broader prospect of actually being in the transportation industry only to be ousted by the birth and development of commercial airlines. The fact that was neglected was that products are transient but basic needs and customer groups endure forever. * The predominant focus of industries on product orientation where marketing acted as a intermediary in enhancing sales of the product. Marketing efforts were viewed as a necessary consequence of the product not vice versa. The strong belief was in the fact that superior products would sell itself thus the heavy investment geared in R&D towards...
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