Marketing Mix Strategy of Danish Condensed Milk Bd Ltd

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on January 29, 2013 in Marketing
Executive Summary
Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. Is the most rewarding unit of partex group. It was tarred its journey in 1991 and processing the leading position in the local market. As a marketing aim of Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. With the aim of making co-attribution in social and economic development, creating employment opportunities, and above all perform a successful business in Bangladesh. It is not to say that to so a successful business various various marketing mix tools plays an important role. Therefore, this report has depicted marketing mix related various Decisions of Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. The study is based on both primary and secondary data. The methods that were used to collect the primary data are discussion itch officials of Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd., face to face with the clients. Secondary data are collected from various publications of Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. Product manuals of Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd., Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd’s website etc. Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. Has chosen publicity, advertising, And sales promotion tools the promotional mix to make a strong position in the highly competitive condensed market of Bangladesh. Introduction

In condensed milk market of Bangladesh, some fast changing phenomena are taking place. Among the changes, introduction of highly technical products of international standard, qualitative difference, packaging and fashioning are prominent. In recent years, the change in the quality of products is more intense. Competition among the condensed milk companies has also been increasing at a faster rate. All these change imply that market for condensed milk products in Bangladesh has increasingly been gaining momentum. Condensed milk markets is one of the least research areas of Bangladesh. Systematic studies are also lacking. The present paper on Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. As a case is a modest attempt to fill this gap. In the fast changing market Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd., is a member organization of Partex Group of companies Ltd, has occupied a significant position among the competitors, particularly with respect to its condensed products. According to an unreliable estimate, the market share of Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd for its condensed products have been improving significantly, which according to the marketing literature can be termed as “Market challenger”. Statement of the problem

Nowadays condensed market of Bangladesh has become vast and hard competition has emerged in this market. Customers now have various alternatives to choose according to their convenience and which directly affects their buying decisions. Therefore, to maintain the leading position in this highly competitive market Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. need to take appropriate marketing strategies. Objectives of the study

The condensed milk industry has grown steadily since its beginnings, and has weathered economic downturns, was, and the health movement; through constant adaptation and market research, they anticipate and meet the public’s ever-changing taste. At present, there are more then ten condensed milk companies are marketing their products in the market. So, it is need not to say that condensed milk market of Bangladesh is going through the hard competition. For the survival and growth of business in this very competitive market of condensed milk, one should practice and implement the marketing mix tools properly. However, the purpose of this study was to know how a marketer formulates marketing mix, which forms the basis of his marketing strategies and policies. Specially, the objective of the study was to know the way marketers take decisions regarding his various products, its pricing method, its distributing system, and its promotion for ensuring the optimal adaptation with the marketing environment. Danish Condensed Milk BD Ltd. Is on of...
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