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Introduction| |
Company Background| |
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning| |
Marketing Environment| |
Marketing Mix:ProductPlacePricePromotion| |
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Conclusion| |
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The company that we choose as our title is Nestlé S.A.. Nestlé is the world’s largest food and nutrition company. With a manufacturing facility or office in nearly every country of the world, Nestlé often is referred to as "the most multinational of the multinationals." Nestlé markets approximately 7,500 brands organized into the following categories: baby foods, breakfast cereals, chocolate and confectionery, beverages, bottled water, dairy products, ice cream, prepared foods, foodservice, and pet care. Among all over the 300 products, the product that we choose for our task is beverage brand Nescafé which is launched a selection of popular Malaysian-style coffee.  Company Background

Nestlé S.A. was founded and headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, and originated in a 1905 merger of the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company. It established in 1867 by brothers George Page and Charles Page, and Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé, founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé.  Nestlé is one of the oldest brands in Malaysia. Nestlé started in Malaysia from 1912. It began as the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company in Penang. Later, base on growth and expansion then made a move to Kuala Lumpur necessary in 1939. The first factory, Nestlé Malaysia in Petaling Jaya since 1962 is now manufactures its products in 7 factories and operates from its head of office where stated at Mutiara Damansara. From the hard beginnings in Penang, Nestlé Malaysia has grown with over 4000 employees, 7 manufacturing facilities, 6 sales offices and a turnover of more than RM3.0 billion (in 2006).

The company has grown together with the nation and publicly listed on the Bursa Malaysia on 13 December 1989. Today, the company employs more than 5000 people and manufactures. The products which produce in Malaysia market as well as more than 300 Halal products. The such brand name as MILO®, NESCAFÉ®, MAGGI®, NESPRAY® and KIT KAT® have become a trusted household brand and generation enjoyed.

The Nestlé brand is also bonded into the Malaysian food culture for almost Malaysian Halal values, but also the community through its various social activities. Nary a home is without a Nestlé product in a place with over 300 products, even though when you travel also will bring along with Milo packets. Nestlé is one portion of Malaysian psyche and part of community.

Nowadays, Nestlé has evolved and growing with the nation to serve various stakeholders like employees, shareholders, consumers, Government, NGOs, business partners and the community. The objectives of Nestlé is to improve the quality of lives through the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles by producing a high quality product, as to promise to serve Good Food, Good Life. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Nescafé is a quality of product on its nutrition value, convenience of accessibility, world class standard, and the qualifications such as Halal for Muslims have always created differential advantage from Nestlé products compare to other competitors and it help to make progress in Malaysia market.

Market segmentation is group within a market with diverse wants, purchasing power, geographical defined as the division of a market according to benefits that consumers want from the product. Market segment consists of a large identifiable location, buying attitudes and buying habits. The market segmentation is based on need based and it is targeted for everyone who concern for life and wants to maintain for good health. There are few types of market segmentation, such as demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioristic variables. For example geographic variables, Nescafé is try to produce products which is Halal for...
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