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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Biology- study of living organisms.
I. History of Biology
1. Primitive Period-no use of scientific period.
2. Classical Period
* Hippocrates (Father of Medicine)- he stated that diseases have natural causes and the has the power to repair itself. * Aristotle (Greatest Ancient Scientist)- excelled in making observations made the most significant biological contributions. * Galen (Greatest Biologist of Antiquity)- to study human anatomy and carried with the first physiological experiment in animals. 3.Renaissance 14th-6th Century

* Leonardo da Vinci and Michael Angelo- made accurate studies in plants, animals, and human anatomy. * Andreas Vesalius- published his book “The Structure of Human Body”. * William Harvey- described blood circulation in man, which contributed to physiology. * Anton Van Leeuwenhock (Father of Microbiology)- Modern Biology * Robert Hooke- discovered cell by observing tiny compartments from a thin slice of cork from a tree bark. * Matthias Schleiden (Botanist) and Theodore Schwann (Zoologist)- claimed that all animal and all plants are made up of cells. * Rudolf Virchow- Eventually established the concept of the cell theory. * Francesco Redi- disapproved the Spontaneous Generation Theory. -Biogenesis

* Carolus Linnaeus/Carl Von Linnae (Father of Taxonomy)- established the system of nomenclature in which all living things are arranged by genera and species. * Jean Baptise Lamarck- proposed the theory of evolution. * Charles Darwin (Father of Evolution)- who proposed the natural selection as an explanation by which evolutionary changes takes place. * Louise Pasteur (Father of Modern Biology)- introduced the pasteurization process and discovered anti rabies vaccines. * Karl Von Baer- founded comparative embryology.

* Gregor Mendel- made studied on Genetics.
* Hugo de Vries- formulated the “Mutation Theory”.
* Ernest H. Starling- hormones.
Branches of Biology
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