Marketing Mix of Amazon

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Marketing Mix of Amazon
One of the most difficult tasks for an organization is creating an all-around environment that allows a group of customers to feel comfortable purchasing a specific product or service from them. This strategy requires the organization to determine the ideal product or service at the right price, getting sold in the correct location, within the proper time frame. This paper intends to describe how uses the marketing mix to ensure an ideal environment for consumers, and displays how each of these sections are implemented. Amazon was founded in 1994 and is considered the largest e-commerce retailer in America. In 20 years this organization has become a fortune 500 company that has dominated the e-commerce market and displayed unique growth and understanding of the market and client needs. Although Amazon is a very successful organization, they experience many threats from competitors, market fluctuations, and basic uncertainties within the market. However, the firm intends to handle these issues by looking toward their future and addressing the initiatives and long-term goals of the organization. Understanding and controlling the variables in the marketing mix allows this organization to overcome many of these objectives so they may be successful in their future. The marketing mix has four basic areas also known as the four P’s that consist of the; product, place, promotion, and price. These four areas can be researched, evaluated, and controlled to the point of creating that ideal environment for the consumer because this effort is done to target the customer. The Product Variable

The product section of the marketing mix helps the organization determine what customers want out of the product or service being offered and what specific needs of these customers will be satisfied. Other areas will be addressed such as, how this product is different from competitors, how the customers will use the product, the price rang...
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