Marketing Mix for Restaurant

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  • Published : May 7, 2012
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Marketing Mix
The Dinner house Restaurant marketing mix is comprised of these following approaches to pricing, distribution, advertisement and promotion. Pricing
The Dinner House Restaurant pricing scheme is that the product cost is 50% of the total retail price. Distribution
The dinner House’s food will be distributed through a takeout model where customers can call in their order and come to the restaurant to pick it up or come in and dine at the restaurant. Advertising and Promotion

The most successful advertising will be the campaigns done on radios as in the sense, games can be organised and e.g. the prize can be a free menu at our restaurant. Customer Service
Obsessive customer attention is a mantra. The dinner house philosophy is that whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur, even at the expense of short term profits. However there will be very few limits. In the long term this investment will pay off with fiercely loyal customer base that is extremely vocal to their friends with referrals. Marketing Plan

1st Year
Launch Marketing
An element of our differentiation from other restaurant will be our use of advertisement and marketing to gain awareness, build customer traffic and establish a strong brand image. Launch marketing will promote awareness and establish our brand image via several methods: Public relations/ publicity

Local print
Bill boards
Taxi drivers
Tourist magazines.
2nd Year
Once The Dinner House restaurant is installed in the heart of Flic- en- Flac and the business has started, it is equally important not to neglect the aspects of marketing. Since the very beginning aggressive marketing has been planned and it should be continuous so as to have a good share of the market. The Dinner House restaurant will have to go towards the customers once more but using different strategies. It can be: Implementation of “Privilege Cards”.

Privilege cards rewarding the repeat customer with free...
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