Marketing Mix Analysis

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Colgate Toothpaste
“Stronger Say Bhe Strong Mera COLGATE”
Marketing strategies serve as the fundamental underpinning of marketing plans designed to reach marketing objectives. It is important that these objectives have measurable results. They are also influenced by a range of microenvironmental factors. Marketing strategies are dynamic and interactive. They are partially planned and partially unplanned. In our point of view Colgate management is using very good strategies regarding its product, place price & promotion. Colgate is very good product for the protection of teeth. As teeth is important part of the human body so they need more protection. For this Colgate is very good toothpaste and its company is trying to improve its quality with the association of doctors. Where as the price of Colgate is concerned. It is very much affordable for every consumer. Anyone can buy it from anywhere and any kind of departmental store. The strategy made for the pricing is very good. The company keeps in view the purchasing power of the customers. Colgate is promoted on all & every kind of media. The strategy being followed by the management is to make the people aware of its product. So, Colgate-Palmolive has promoted it on TV and print media as well. The distribution of Colgate is very intensive and it uses the channels which are very quick and sale intensive. So, every one can buy it from nearest stores. Where as the of the Colgate are concerned it provides greater protection against germs. Its one product Colgate Gel makes the teeth well look shining & white. Colgate positions its product in the eyes of customers comparing with the other competitors’ products, that it is very useful for the teeth as well as for gums. Its positioning is very strong as many customers get attracted towards it. Product:

A product is a set of tangible and intangible attributes which may include packaging, color, price, quality and brand. A tangible product that the consumer feels comfortable purchasing without gathering additional information and then actually buys with a minimum of effort is termed a convenience product.

A product that is use for business is called business product. Like if a producer produces and sell products and earn money or profit , so that product is a business product for the producer. If the middleman buys a product from producer and sell it to the end customer, so that product ll’ be a business product for the middle man and vise versa . Consumer products are the products which customer buys to satisfy his/her personal needs & wants. Like the products of our daily use i.e. toothpastes, soup etc. A lot of customer purchases the Colgate product for their own consumption to satisfy their daily personal needs. From the marketing point of view Colgate Toothpaste is an excellent business product. Whole sellers & retailers purchase the Colgate toothpastes from its manufacturer (Colgate-Palmolive) and sell it to the end customer or consumers and earn a good business from it. Price:

Colgate products are easily available on the smallest and largest retail stores. The price of its products may slightly different. Narrowly, price is the amount of money charged for a product or service. Broadly, price is the sum of all the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. Dynamic Pricing: charging different prices depending on individual customers and situations. Price is the one element of the marketing mix that produce revenue ; the other element produce cost, prices are the easiest marketing mix element to adjust ; product features, channels and even promotion take more time .price also communicating to the market the company’s intended value positioning of its product or brand. Today companies are wrestling with a number of difficult pricing tasks •How to respect to aggressive price cutters

How to price the same...
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