Marketing Mix

Topics: Marketing, Mobile phone, Marketing mix Pages: 18 (4866 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Implication of marketing mix: A case study of Grameen Phone Bangladesh Ltd.

Submitted to

Premier University,Chittagong.

Md Abdullah

Submission Date

This report is submitted as the partial fulfillment of BBA program

Letter of Transmittal.
Subject: Submission of the internship report on “Implication of marketing Mix: A case study of Grameen Phone Bangladesh Ltd.” Dear Madam,
With due respect, as student of Premier University,Chittagong, I have prepared my internship report on “Implication of marketing Mix: A case study of Grameen Phone Bangladesh Ltd.” I have tried my level best to follow your guidelines in every aspect of planning of this report. I have also collected what I believe to be the most important information to make this report specific and coherent as possible. I enjoyed the challenge of preparing the report as it provided me with an opportunity to enlarge knowledge. I am honestly thankful for your guidance during the preparation of this report. I hope you will appreciate my effort. I have done the study in a complete form and I have tried my level best to conduct this in a professional manner. It is true that, it could have been done in a better way if there were not limitations. I hope you will asses my report considering the limitations of the study.

Yours sincerely,


I would like to acknowledge the guidance and effort of Internship and placement committee for arranging such a nice program for co-relating theoretical learning with real life situation. It’s a pleasure to convey my heartiest gratitude and greeting to my honorable supervisor ---------------------------, Premier University, Chittagong.. None of his co-operation it would have been possible to prepare the report into a nice ending. I would also like to acknowledge and thanks the following personnel who has extended their whole-hearted co-operation for preparing the report. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Finally, I would like to convey my heartiest thanks and gratitude to all of my teachers, friends, and many others who extend their support to prepare the report.


We shall be benefited of by our education if we can effectively apply the institutional education in practical fields. Hence, we all need practical education to apply theoretical knowledge in real world. By considering this importance arranges internship program each semester compulsory for the students of Bachelor of Business Administration to complete the requirement of the course. As a part of this program my topic of the study was selected as “Implication of marketing Mix: A case study of Grameen Phone Bangladesh Ltd.” It’s pointless to mention that the study not only focus on the marketing mix but also all the aspects relating to marketing strategy of Grameen Phone Bangladesh Ltd.

I tried my best to conduct effective study by collecting current data. Even though if mistake appears, it is truly undesirable. So I would request to look at the matter with merciful eyes.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1



Chapter 2

2.1 What is Marketing Mix
2.2 Marketing mix & its implications.

Chapter 3
Practical Aspects

3.1 Company overview
3.2 Mission
3.3 Vision
3.4 Management
3.5 Organogram
3.6 Implementation of Marketing mix (seven P)
3.7 SWOT Analysis.
3.8 Summary

Chapter 4
4.1 Conclusion
4.2 Recommendation
Mobile phone has become such a vital necessity if our day to day life that we can not spend a single day without it. In the current scenario of today’s telecom sector, we find some names...
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