“Marketing Mix (4 P’s) Analysis and Competitors Evaluation: a Study on Pran Group”

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“Marketing Mix (4 P’s) Analysis and Competitors
Evaluation: A study on PRAN GROUP”

Back ground of the company

PRAN stands for Programmed for Rural Advancement Nationally.“PRAN” is currently the most well known household name among the millions of people in Bangladesh and abroad also. Since its inception in 1980, PRAN Group has grown up in stature and became the largest fruit and vegetable processor in Bangladesh. It also has the distinction of achieving prestigious certificate like ISO 9001:2000, and being the largest exporter of processed agro products with compliance of HALAL & HACCP to more than 70 countries from Bangladesh.

PRAN is the pioneer in Bangladesh to be involved in contract farming and procures raw material directly from the farmers and processes through state of the art machinery at our several factories into hygienically packed food and drinks products. The brand “PRAN” has established itself in every category of food and beverage industry and can boost a product range from Juices, Carbonated Drinks, Confectionery, Snacks, and Spices to even Dairy products. Today they are the largest processors of fruits & vegetables in Bangladesh. The Group comprises of 10 companies. AMCL (Agricultural Marketing Company Limited) is a sister concern of PRAN Group. It was established in 1985. And is running successfully and smoothly ever since. They have emerged in to one of the top competitors in the market today. The head offices are located at Dhaka with production facilities around the country. Their management is modern adapted to their environment & culture. Pran Cola is introduced in the market in 2003. It’s a new product for them in the beverage section & they have giant competitors like PEPSI & Coca cola. Their largest asset is their competent team of hands-on-mangers & dedicated employees. They claim to have a very competent human capital. And they say with pride that their HR department is efficient and strong. AMCL is the main revenue earning company of PRAN Group. AMCL export its products to 60 different countries. It has separate branch offices in 3 different countries. AMCL plans to construct a factory on South Africa to produce its products there locally.

“Poverty and hunger are curses”- mission of PRAN-RFL group. So their aim is “to generate employment and earn dignity and self respect for our competitors” through profitable enterprises. For the achievement of this mission and aim the most recognized PRAN-RFL group was established and started manufacturing in 1982. From the time being it has now 17 associated companies and they are beverage, property, agro based, tube wells, plastic pipes, etc. these associated industries are, Natore


It has already been obtained the ISO certificate. Their ISO mark is ISO-9001 and it was obtained after the three years of their manufacturing.

Ultimate objective of pran is look forward to becoming a regional brand to be accepted across the subcontinent. Pran already making name in the foreign markets, yet hundreds of compels are thriving to reach this position. All it need seriousness and professionalism along with skill and experience such that they understand the demand and behaviors of overseas markets.

|SL |PRODUCT |SL |PRODUCT | |01 |Pran mango juice(120ml) |29 |Lollipop | |02 |Pran mini juice(65ml) |30 |Instant consumable jelly | |03 |Pran junior juice(125ml) |31 |Fruit bar | |04 |Pran juice pack(125ml) |32 |Pran spice powder...
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