Marketing Mix

Topics: Marketing, Education, Communication Pages: 3 (633 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Course Description|
Fundamentals of Marketing introduces you to the essentials of marketing including the key concepts, methods of analysis, strategies and tactics critical to managing profitable customer relationships in today�s dynamic and connected environment. This course will be focusing on the south Asian perspective and as the text book is recommended in this light. |

Course Objective|
On successful completion of this unit you should be able to: Identify the role that marketing plays in both business and society. Apply the key marketing concepts employed. Explain the relevance of these concepts and what they mean. Demonstrate proficiency in applying these marketing concepts to real world situations. Demonstrate sound verbal and written communication skills. |

Learning Outcomes|
Understand and apply the basic concepts in international and local marketing context. |

Teaching and Learning Methodology |
White board POWERPOINT Class discussion Case Studies|

Expected Class Conduct |
Two way communication Discipline |

Course Plan|
Week| Chapters| Session Topic| Assesments| %|
1| 1| What is marketing Value creation Customer driven marketing strategies| N/A | | 2| 2| Planning strategies marketing strategies and marketing mix concepts| N/A | | 3| 3| Microenvironment macro environment| N/A | |

4| 4| Managing marketing information marketing information systems marketing research| N/A| | 5| 5| Consumer behavior models and types| N/A | |
6| 6| Business markets Strategies and types| N/A | |
7| 7| New product development life cycle| N/A | |
8| 8| Products Service marketing| Mid Term| |
9| 9| Service marketing| N/A | |
10| 11| Pricing concepts Adjustments| N/A | |
11| 12| Marketing channels| N/A | |
12| 13| Retailing Wholesaling| N/A| |
13| 14| Integrated marketing communication| Class Participation | | 14| 15| Advertising|...
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