Marketing Mix

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All decisions regarding the components of the marketing mix is largely dependent on the position taken by a particular product. The decision about the positioning of products in the market is the basis for the development of targeted marketing mix. But it is impossible to understand the whole concept of the marketing mix, relying only on theory. Therefore, in my assignment, I would like to consider in detail all four groups on the example of the marketing of the company and, in practice, to explore the possibilities of the marketing. I chose a cafe-bar "The Bear" is located in the shopping centre in Almaty city. Cafe-bar located between Abay and Lenin street. Cafe-bar "The Bear" was launched in 2005. In the development of the marketing mix, any firm must clearly understand its purpose and how to reach they’re goal. In this case, our main goals should be possible compete with other cafes, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, located in the same area as well as the ability to retain existing customers and attract new ones. It is very important to consider the fact that in the immediate vicinity of the cafe-bar "The Bear" are coffee «Coffee House», pizzeria “Mama Mia” and “Patio Pizza”, “King Burger”, “Sushi” , cafe "Pasteur" and bars “Jazz” , “Rock bar”, “German pub “. Competitors’ cafe-bar "The Bear", it is competitors with similar services provided: bar “Jazz” and bar “German pub”. Also, if considered on location - they are in a better position, because almost all of these bars facade overlooks the road, and "The Bear" is located in the courtyard, so potential customers unaware of this cafe, because it's hard to find it. As we know in this time of computerization, most shop owners, clubs, restaurants, bars create websites on which they placed the exact address of the cafe, photos, detailed information about their history, offering an assortment of goods, services or courses, information on current promotions, announcements employment. Café-bar "The Bear" don’t have they own website. This is create another challenge for the marketing plan. From my point of view, website can also help to attract customers.

It is clear that the welfare of the company depends not only on the confrontation of the marketing used by different companies, but also on the trends and developments of the taking place in the marketing environment. Marketing environment is a combination of "uncontrollable" forces, under which the company prepare their marketing plan. Marketing environment of the company - a set of active subjects and forces acting outside of the company and the possibility of influencing the management of marketing services to establish and maintain relationships with target customers for successful cooperation. Marketing environment is made up of:

macro environment
Microenvironment determined by directly concerned with the firm. For example, macromedia is represented by the wider social plan, which affects the microenvironment factors such as demographic,

and cultural.

Demographic environment.
Demographics - the science that studies the population in terms of size, density, etc. engaged in marketing to the demographic environment is of great interest, because the markets are made up of people. Population growth is accompanied by an increase in human needs that business must meet. This means the growth of markets with sufficient purchasing power. However, if purchasing power is insufficient, there will decline and contraction of markets happen. Depending on the population of the city, we can determine the number of potential customers. While the percentage of visitors cafe-bar "The Bear" .

- More accurately delineate the target market in the values of customer needs; - To determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company in the struggle for development of this market; - More clearly set goals and to...
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