Marketing Mix

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Question 1 (Part 1)
“Marketing Mix” is a set of strategy marketing tools that a firm mingles and pursues its marketing objective in the target market. (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006, p.51) The main purpose of marketing is satisfies the needs of consumers. This concept was introduced by Harvard University Professor Neil Borden first adopted in 1964. (Neil Borden, 1964) It is the basis for the development of corporate marketing strategy in order to guarantee and satisfaction consumer needs and wants. In addition, it is also a trick for corporate against a strong competitor to rational allocation of corporate marketing budget costs and avoids the market failure. In the early 1950s, Professor McCarthy inference if a firm wants to develop marketing activities should be controlled factors grouped into four categories which are product, price, place and promotion. (McCarthy, 1960) The emergence of the marketing mix means that the concept of market operators to complete the transformation of old and new regulations read, the development of new ideas - marketing concept. The marketing concept is the core of the target customers' needs as the centre, the implementation of the marketing mix focusing on the overall market to obtain profits and achieve corporate marketing objectives. For example, the marketers will use the tools to adapt the consumer differ from that of a traditional and new technology product which is telegraph and Apple. The telegraph is a kind of communication services in the early 19th century invention, is the earliest use of electricity to communicate. The telegraph has greatly accelerated the flow of messages, is one of the important inventions of the industrial society. Early telegraph communications in the land, and later used the submarine cable to carry out long-distance service. To the early 20th century, began to use the radio sent telegram to the telegraph business basically have been able to reach most of the region on Earth. Telegraph is mainly used as a pass text messages. (Robert, 2012)

Apple's was established in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the core business is electronic technology products. The most famous product is the MacBook, iPod music player, iTunes Store, iPhone and the iPad Tablet PC. It is known for innovation in high-tech enterprise. When they introduced iphone4 and iPad, it is shook the entire world, because it delivers the latest advanced and progressive in the smart phone to the people. Coupled with the advances of the Internet, people can communicate with each other in the quickest and shortest possible time. (Shane, 2010, p.2) When the telegraph was invented was shook the world; Apple technology developed was also shook the world. However, two products were invented at different times, so the marketing mix will be also different.

Marketing Mix Tools

Product is anything that can be offered to the market/consumer in order to satisfy their needs and wants. The types of product divide into tangible (physical goods) and intangible (services). (Philip Kotler et al, 2005, p.34) The telegraph was provided service to send the message from place to place and the Apple Company was provided physical goods to consumer e.g. IPhone and MacBook. According the MarketingTeacher theory, the core level of the two products is same. The reasons that both products shocked the world are the great inventions and consumers really want to buy for communications. 19th century, the augmented product are limited because the technology is not so developed, the telegraph service will be hampered, such as, Malaysia sent a telegram to the British have to spend more on time. Moreover, this service is difficult to guarantee that service failure in the middle or cannot reach. (Marketingteacher, 2012) However, at that time, the telegraph is the most advanced ways of communication. The telegraph introduced was successful to meet the consumers' expectations. The Telegraph can do is...
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