Marketing: Milk and Products

Topics: Milk, Marketing, Pasteurization Pages: 16 (4682 words) Published: December 11, 2012


Unit: Marketing
Topic: Vinamilk Company

Instructor:Ho Cao Viet
Student name: Le Hoang Giang
Student code: GC1001
Submission date: November 18th, 2011

Part 1 – Explore the concept of segmentation, targeting and positioning:

1, Identify macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions and explain how they apply to your chosen company. You should use analysis tool to apply to the company: SWOT, PEST, and Five-Forces analysis. (Outcomes 2a)

- Micro environment: the market comprises all aspects of a market which affect the company’s relationship with its customer and the patterns of competition. It includes suppliers, competitors, publics, marketing intermediaries. - Macro environment: the macro environment can be described in terms of four keys components: political/legal, economic, social/cultural, and technological (PEST factor) [According to Business Essentials Books -Marketing, (Part B: segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Chapter 2: The marketing environment, p93 - p96)].

|SWOT | |Strengths |Opportunities | |Strong brands, large market share |The preferential policies of the government of the dairy industry | |Distribution network throughout Vietnam |(2000 billion approved for dairy development project to 2020) | |Diversified products, competitive prices |Supply of input raw material – fresh milk - is relatively stable (e.g.| |Production line of international |have dairy cow plantation, farms etc.) | |Leadership capacity of good management |Joining the WTO: market expansion, business and learning experience | |Diversified product lines (150 products) | | |Sustainable relationships with partners | | |Talent and professional of marketing and product | | |Marketing research experience is good | | |Very attractive advertisement and promotion campaign. | | |Weaknesses |Threats | |Products primarily focused on domestic market. |Vietnamese economic instability (inflation, economic crisis...) | |Marketing activities of the company focused on southern of Vietnam |WTO: appears several competitors | | |Uncertainty worldwide political situation |

|PEST | |Political/Legal |Requirements on food hygiene and safety very strictly regulation | | |Economics stability to facilitate the business of the company | | |The preferential policies of the government of the dairy industry...
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