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  • Published : December 18, 2010
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Caster Guitars

John Smith
Caster Guitars

Shaynell L. Ross
Marketing Manager
Caster Guitars

December 16, 2010

I understand that we have an upcoming meeting to discuss our marketing strategies for our expansion into Mexico. I wanted to send this letter to simply inform you of what we, here in marketing, have been working on.

One of your biggest concerns, I understand, is transporting our guitars from Asia down to Mexico. I believe Air Transportation, despite it's expense, it our best form of transportation for out product. It will get into Mexico quicker, allowing us to implement our marketing sooner and therefore accelerating sales and profit. It will also involve less handling by shipping employees, which is important considering how fragile each guitar is.

There are plenty of factors that will determine the success of our expansion, each of which, needs to be carefully considered. Global factors, including conflicts between nations may affect distribution. For instance, the war in the Middle East has obviously raised fuel prices, therefore raising our shipping costs. Technology will play a huge part in our marketing strategy. We want to utilize the internet to capitalize on sales and advertising. Sociocultural Factors are also important. Language barriers, for instance. Mexico's primary language is Spanish. We need to ensure the correction of our translations and be sure we have someone who is fluent and literate of the language to handle all communications with executives in Mexico. Competition is obviously something we are taking into consideration. Our team, here in Marketing, are working hard to develop new and exciting ideas that will knock out our competition. Economic Factors are also important. There is one main question we ask when researching the area: Can the area afford our product?

Each of these factors are being carefully reviewed and each plays an essential part in our marketing strategy. We...
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