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1.Is Cisco’s plan to reach out to consumers a viable one? Why or why not? As the book has mentioned, BusinessWeek has ranked Cisco the 18th biggest global brand after the company received $39.5 billion in revenue in 2008. Just by looking at this achievement, Cisco proves that its way of building its brand awareness has made the company staying on top of the game like today. Some plans that Cisco developed to build its brand awareness include: •Partnerships with Sony, Matsushita, and US West to co-brand its modems •The company launched its first television spots as part of a campaign entitled “Are You Ready?” •Cisco reorganized into 11 new technology groups and marketing organization •In 2003, the company introduced a new marketing message,” This is the Power of Network.Now.” •Television commercial

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These plans have obviously helped the company to not only build brand awareness but it also builds name recognition and brand value. In addition, it communicates the company’s product line and competitive advantages better than it had in the past. Therefore, with these successful plans they’ve done in the past, I believe Cisco’s plan to reach out to consumer is viable one.

3.Discuss how Intel changed ingredient-marketing history. What did it do so well in those initial marketing campaigns? As a company that could not distinguish itself from its competitors, Intel had a hard time convincing consumers to pay more for its high performance products. As a result, Intel created quintessential ingredient-branding marketing campaign and made history. The company then chose a name for its latest microprocessor introduction that could be trademarked, Pentium, and launched the “Intel Inside” campaign to build brand awareness of its whole family of microprocessors. Fortunately, the campaign helped move the brand name outside the PC and into the minds of consumers. Other ways were adapted just to create brand identity and...
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