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business one : one
business one : one glossary
Key AmE BrE fml infml American English British English formal informal

authorization (n) official agreement to sth or official permission for sth oprávnění, zplnomocnění, pověření, povolení baked (adj) cooked in an oven without extra fat or liquid pečený banned (adj) officially not allowed zakázaný bargain (v) to discuss pay, conditions, prices, etc. with sb in order to reach an agreement vyjednávat, smlouvat barrel (n) a large round container for liquids, usually made of wood or metal, with flat ends and curved sides barel, sud barter (v) to exchange goods, services, etc. for other goods, etc. without using money vyměňovat zboží za zboží battery (n) a device inside a car engine, clock, radio, etc. that produces the electricity that makes it work baterie benefit (n) a helpful or useful effect that sth has užitek, prospěch, výhoda, přínos bestseller (n) a product which is bought by large numbers of people bestseller beware (v) if you tell sb to beware, you are warning them that sb/sth is dangerous and they should be careful dát si pozor, mít se na pozoru board (n) a group of people who have the power to make decisions and control a company rada, komise, vedení, správa boiled (adj) cooked in boiling (very hot) water vařený bouquet (n) a bunch of flowers arranged in an attractive way, often carried by a bride (a woman on her wedding day) kytice brainstorm (v) to spend time with other people thinking of as many ideas as possible, often as a way of solving a problem hledat nové nápady/nová řešení při diskusi

Many of the definitions in this glossary are based on The Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English

abacus (n) an ancient device used to help counting počítadlo abroad (adv) in other countries (not in your home country) do ciziny/zahraničí, v cizině absence (n) a period of time when sb is away from work nepřítomnost, absence abstract (adj) based on general ideas and not on any particular real person, thing or situation abstraktní access (n) the ability to use sth or see sth přístup, vstup acquaintance (n) a person that you know but who is not a close friend známost, známý act (v) to behave in a particular way jednat, chovat se activate (v) to make sth such as a device start working aktivovat additionally (adv) used when you want to mention another thing after sth else dodatečně, navíc adopt (v) to start to use a particular method přijmout, zavést adventurous (adj) willing to take risks and try new things dobrodružný, riskující, podnikavý agenda (n) a list of items to be discussed at a meeting pořad jednání, program ages (n) (infml) a very long time [BrE] (celé) věky, dlouhá doba aggressive (adj) angry and behaving in a threatening way agresivní, útočný

alarm call (n) a telephone call which is intended to wake you up buzení telefonem allocated (adj) officially given to sb/sth for a particular purpose přidělený, přiřazený allow (v) to let sb do sth dovolit, povolit announce (v) to tell people sth officially oznámit annoying (adj) making sb feel slightly angry protivný, otravný annual (adj) happening or done once every year výroční, každoroční anticipate (v) to expect sth předvídat, očekávat, tušit apparently (adv) according to what you have heard or read zřejmě, očividně appear (v) to seem to give the impression of being or doing sth zdát se, jevit se apply (v) to make a formal request for sth such as a job zažádat, ucházet se o appoint (v) to choose sb for a job or position of responsibility jmenovat, ustanovit approach (n) a way of dealing with sb/sth přístup, postoj argument (n) a discussion in which people disagree, often angrily hádka, spor, pře arouse (v) to cause a particular emotion or attitude vyvolat, probudit as long as (idiom) only if dokud, pokud ask a favour [BrE] favor [AmE] (v) to ask...
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