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London School of Commerce

MODULE TITLE: - Marketing Management

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module;-

Maximum Word Limit and Assessment weighting for each aspect within the assessment:

* Each group must submit a hard copy of the report
* Each member should speak for 4 minutes
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description of Assessment Requirements

You have joined HMV’s marketing department in the UK and have been asked to recommend a marketing plan for HMV to ensure continued growth in the future.

You should think about new ways in which HMV can distribute music and create alternative revenue streams.

You have agreed the plan will include:

* An audit of the marketing environment;
* This will include an overview of the internal and external marketing environment as well as an analysis of competition; * A SWOT analysis;
* SMART Objectives;
* To clarify what Blockbuster will achieve;
* A clear segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) strategy; * To indicate your chosen market and how Blockbuster will stand out from the competition; * Proposals for each of the 7Ps;

* Your report will explain how you will use or adapt the tools of the marketing mix; * Control and evaluation;
* Which will show how you will measure the success of our marketing plan.

HMV should be located in UK.

You do not need to worry about budgets

Please read the Case Study of HMV (placed at the bottom of this document): Do further research on the company and prepare a group presentation on a new marketing plan for HMV

Guidelines for undertaking the Assignment / Marking criteria and marking allocation

For this assignment you are requested to develop a Marketing Plan

Your report must contain: (Maximum of 3000 words)
* a cover page
* the list of group members
* An introduction
* Main body looking at all the section required in the marketing plan * Conclusion
* Appendix (only if relevant)
* Presentation of the report (visuals, formatting, spelling and grammar) (6 points) The report will be submitted on Turnitin by the 19th of December 2012

You will also be requested to conduct a group presentation. You must present your Marketing Plan to your lecturer on the date of presentations. Groups will be assigned by the lecturer after the end of the registration period. The group membership will then be posted on the portal and announced in class.

The group must :
* present their “Marketing Plan”
* develop 10 Powerpoint slides
* will be given 20 to 25 minutes to complete the presentation (Depending on the size of the group 4 minutes per individual) * each member must present
* the members must present in formal dress
Marking scheme:
* Visuals (5 points)
* Dress (5 points)
* Argumentation (15 points)
* Delivery (15 points)

Groups will be called in order.
If you are late for your presentation, you will be awarded a zero. If you do not show up for the presentation, you will also be awarded a zero independently of your contribution to the group. Your absence can only be excused on medical grounds. The presentation will then be rescheduled individually, at a later date.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:-
* Appreciate the basic practices and problems in marketing and marketing management; * Understand consumer behavior models;
* Demonstrate skills in evaluating marketing strategy opportunities through selected readings and case analyses; * Appreciate the relationship between elements of the marketing mix in different business...
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