Marketing Management in Practice

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Marketing Management in Practice|
MKT 10103|
Review of Second four years business
Mission Statement
Overall strategy
Overall Review
Ace Production Rates
Price of car models year 5-8
Profit / Loss made each year
Market Share
Statement of current position
Where the company is now
Profit and Loss in team NapEarth
S.W.O.T Analysis
SWOT Analysis Years 1-4
SWOT Analysis Years 5-8
Porter’s five forces strategy
1. Rivalry between competitors
2. Threats coming from new entering firms
3. Threat of substitute products income
4. Bargaining power of suppliers
5. Bargaining power of consumers.
Bowman Strategies
Product life cycle
BCG Matrix
Marketing plan for the next four years
Mission Statement
Overall strategy adopted and rationale
Ansoff Matrix
Corporate and marketing objectives related to current position Marketing policies and tactics
Corporate and model specific what/how targeted etc.
Explain how the tactics will support the overall strategic plan. Financial projections

Review of Second four years business


Post the first four years of our company ACE, our main goal is a high improvement in our sales in the following years, i.e. higher average sales and thus have higher incomes, providing the best products for our customer-service. During the first three years was sold three car models:

* Medium Car (urban XTC)
* Large Car (XTC 3)
* City Car (XTC)

In round five there were different goals and functions of sales, the city car was declining throughout its life cycle, by contrast, the average car is maintained in its mature phase, that is to say that the sales were best kept in this stage, and the luxury car had started its decline in revenues very fast, and even taking a very affordable price for what it might had to add more benefits of service on this car and thus change from the phase of the decline again to the growth or maturity, and thus be able to have an improvement in market share and thus to increase the profits and sales. Mission Statement

Ace's statement was clear, providing unique products with an affordable price, our products have a clear, unmistakable and recognized identification in the automotive world. Overall strategy

The overall strategy was to produce different types Ace cars at affordable prices that meet the requirements and needs of customers. Following are key points in our overall strategy:

Increase in the sale of our products, and higher-income gains for Ace. Production in a single factory thus reducing manufacturing costs. Carry out the management of sales with qualified staff in the commercial sector, so as to offer a few services high for customers. Continue with the best within the existing cars, and options and projects of new vehicles. A study from our competitors in order to be more productive than them.

Overall Review

Conduct a comprehensive study implies knowledge both of the automotive market, both in general features of competitors such as our own products. Our key was: the models that we offer, quality of our products, price, funding for our project, an approximate number of products that are needed to produce. This information is obtained making estimates with different previous rounds that are real numbers from the previous years. Ace Production Rates

Ace managed to sell all cars produced during rounds 5-8, except in Round 7, where 435 luxury cars left in stock. To overcome this obstacle cut the price of luxury car for 4000 pounds to get a better product sales so as not to be left with stock that would mean a considerable loss, we have also reduced our target production rate to overcome this obstacle .

Price of car models year 5-8

In this graph we can see from the totals that each model is constantly changing, this is because depending on the needs of the customers are added extras in cars. It is clear that when we lower the...
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