Marketing Management

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Q 1. Why must the managerial functions of marketing be sequential in nature? Answer:
Introduction: The main purpose of marketing management is to direct those activities by which the marketing goals can be achieved. According to Cundiff & Still “To achieve the marketing objective-planning, organization, coordination & control is necessary. Whether he is a marketing manager, industrial middlemen or consumer retailer each &every one has to do planning, organization & control of activities to achieve the marketing goals. These activities are called as functions of marketing management or managerial function of marketing.”

Above discussion shows that these managerial functions are necessary for every marketer to control over the market or to achieve desired objectives, also they are sequential in nature as one function is proceed by other function & implement after its proceeding function. According to W.J.Stanton There are six managerial functions under the management process. These include: - 1. Determining marketing objectives

2. Planning
3. Organization & coordination
4. Staffing & directing
5. Operation & direction
6. Analyzing & evaluating
The brief explanation of these functions is as follows: -
a. Determining marketing objectives: - Setting of objectives is the first and the foremost activity. In the managerial activities involved under marketing, selling of objectives is a first and foremost activity. The objectives determine the extent to which the firms want to move. Marketing objectives can be long-term objectives as well as short-term objectives. The objectives should be clear and unambiguous. The marketing objectives of an organization serve as a guide for the overall activities of an organization. b.Planning: - After deciding the objectives, the second activity is doing the planning. Planning involves manner by which the marketing objectives can be achieved. Planning involves deciding policies, strategy, tactics, procedure, rules & regulations and making programmes, budgets and schedule to achieve the long-term as well as short-term objectives. c.Organization & coordination: - Organization is one of the important functions in managerial functions. Organization means that process of organizing the various activities of various persons involved in achieving the marketing objectives effectively & efficiently. Organization helps in achieving the objectives by following the policies. Organizing activity involves giving information about the work, dividing the work and delegating authority and responsibility and then coordinating the various activities.

Coordination also plays a very important role. Without coordination of activities, the activities would be haphazard and there would be underutilization of the resource also coordinating function not only involves coordination of different marketing activities but also coordination among the various departments. d.Staffing & Assembling other resources: - Planning and managing the human resources is also an important function of marketing management. If this function is not done effectively than there can create a lot of managerial problems Human resource is one of the most important resources because it is the only resource, which can take the decision itself. If this function is done effectively than half of problems are already solved. e.Operation & Direction: - After the planning is done accordingly organization structure depicting authority responsibility relationship is formed, adequate and effective manpower resources is hired & trained then there comes the problem of how human resource towards work involve three main ingredients: - Motivation, Communication and Leadership. No plan is worth much unless it is carried out effectively. Our planning can only be effectively carried out with...
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