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Management 722
(Business Policy and Corporate Planning)

I. Discussion: Please discuss the following COMPREHENSIVELY with your personal reactions, experiences, references, case, insights and recommendations, if possible. Please encode your answers.

1. If you were to take an Action Plan to improve the services of your personnel in the corporation, what particular activities, objectives, strategies, etc. can you include in the plan? Your output is the final action plan for improvement of services (administrative or technical) of your personnel, with responsible persons, duration, success indicators, recommendations and other possible areas. Place these in a matrix.

Action Plan| Objectives| Strategies| Remarks|
Conduct weekly accomplishment reports.| To determine and monitor weekly individual accomplishments| a. Submit softcopy and hard copy of individual accomplished reports. b. Provide each staff of their User Account on MS Outlook for their individual reports. c. Have each staff informed of the corporate daily activities and status through MS outlook. | This will boost your staffs individuality.| Set target of accomplishments (monthly, quarterly)| To satisfy employees for their accomplishment.This include individual trainings and seminars outside the work place.| a. Conduct meeting with your staffs and talk about next month activities. b. Follow up weekly status of the planned activities c. Give comfortable time frame of your target accomplishments. d. Adjust daily schedule to give more relaxation and comfort to your staff. An extra day off per week, if the target accomplishment status per week is accomplished.| Staff not so pressured and stress out. This will give them fresh and creative ideas/solutions on their everyday job.| Give rewards and acknowledgements to performing and achieving employees. | This will promote competitiveness, participation and innovation in the workplace| a. Informed all staff that there will be rewards and certificates on all performing employees. b. Promote employee of the month. And rewards at the end of the year. c. Make a specific and attainable goals and assigned to your staffs. | Be a good example to your staff. Perform your duties and responsibilities very well. Inspire them that self -satisfaction and goal reached is the reward itself. | Encourage team participation on activities every month.| This will promote camaraderie and self-confidence to your staff. | a. During group monthly meeting let your staff conduct and lead the meeting. b. Listen to your staff’s request and concerns. c. Encourage your staffs to give their insights and views regarding on your planned activities and team goals. | Be sure to accommodate your staff’s reasonable requests| | | | |


2. Can you cite some business policies, at least three (3) and comment if these policies are feasible or “friendly” to the consumers as far as total quality management or customer satisfaction is concerned, please justify your answer.

1. Payment business policies
Invoicing, payment, and refund business policies define how a store accepts payments, pays refunds, and the format of a store's invoices.

As a consumer, when buying an expensive item at stores, I always asked for receipts and its return/exchange policy. It’s for my legal security when buying an item with a receipt or invoice. At least I know this manufacturer is not a bogus and they are registered at DTI and BIR.

2. Return business policies
Returns business policies define if refunds are accepted, the time period they are accepted for, and any re-stocking fees applied to returns. This policy is very helpful for the consumers. This will protect the consumer from manufacturer’s defects/damages of their products. This will give assurance to the consumer, that the manufacturer/store is serious and committed to its product quality/service and satisfaction to its consumers....
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