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Topics: Marketing, Competition, Target market Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Leeanna Lackie
November 20, 2012
Mar 1011—Marketing
Learning Log #2
Chapter 14
Brand Preference (pg. 400): The degree of brand loyalty in which a customer prefers one brand over competitive offerings.
For me brand preference is prevalent when I go to the mall to go shopping for new sneakers. I prefer to buy Nike sneakers even though there are plenty of other competitors like Adidas or Reebok, but it is not the same shoe for me. I know I can rely on the comfort and durability from the Nike brand, which keeps me a loyal consumer of their products. Chapter 15

Distribution (pg. 430): The decisions and activities that make products available to customers when and where they want to purchase them.
At Dunkin Donuts we used to carry Pepsi products, and in order for our stores to receive our soft drink products a Pepsi delivery guy would bring our products to our store twice a week. This is one way Pepsi distributed their product. They shipped it to our Dunkin Donuts where people had a want for this item, and were able to receive it when they wanted it through distribution. Chapter 16

Retailer (pg. 468): An organization that purchases products for the purpose of reselling them to ultimate consumers.
I just took a position for the holidays at HH Gregg a leading appliance and electronics retailer. Our company purchases products with the intent to resell the products to our customers, which makes our company a retailer. Although we purchase our products at a lower price and in bulk, we sell the product at a higher cost to the customer for a profit Chapter 17

Product Placement (pg. 525): The strategic location of products or product promotions within entertainment media content to reach the product’s target market.
At HH Gregg product placement is huge! We understand that if we place attachments close to a TV such as DVD players or a screen cleaning solution, then people will be more inclined to purchase those attachments as well. The target market for those...
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