Marketing Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Marketing, Catering, Customer service Pages: 4 (1479 words) Published: July 7, 2008
Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food store which also offers in store parties in order to introduce customers to their products and also teach customers how to prepare their specialty foods. They have expanded to three stores and are continuing to see growth opportunities in their industry. Kudler Fine Foods has planned on contracting with local growers to obtain their produce and now they want to add a catering service. Before they can do so, they must run the possibility fully through a marketing standpoint in order to assure the success of this project. This study will comprise of the opportunities Kudler Fine Food has in its marketing mix that will help them operate a successful catering business. Kudler Fine Foods has a Survey in place that they have been using for the past two years know. The survey is an example of primary data which is information which is newly collected (Kerin et al, 2006). This is very helpful information because the surveys contain information about the customer’s opinion of the store, the products it offers, prices and customer service. In 2006 the store got high customer reviews but the downside to it was that about 45 percent of customers disagreed with the amount of money that they spent on the goods and services. Another area that could have used improvement was the customer service and the amount of knowledge the employees had about the goods. Also more than half of their customers were dissatisfied with their purchases in 2007 (Apollo Group, 2004). “The broad goal of marketing research is to identify and define both marketing problems and opportunities and to generate and improve marketing actions” (Kerin et al, 2006). This research shows that they need to focus on customer service as well as supply more of the products that the customers are satisfied with. This is important because customer service is the key. With a catering company the customers need to know that they will get the highest quality service...
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