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Bubble tea originated from Tai Chung in the 1980s. It has evolved over time with the wide variety of other mixtures of teas involving Red tea and Oolong Tea. In modern society, bubble tea has also been combined with juices, beverages, jellies, and even ice-blended flavours to cater to the hot and humid countries. Some of the famous categories of bubble teas - "pearl milk tea" (also known as "Boba milk tea" in parts of America), which contains small chewy balls made of tapioca starch called "Pearls" in Chinese. There are many variants of the drink, depending on the types of tea used and ingredients added. KOI café was under the distributorship of Ya-Lan Co., Ltd whom was the exclusive green tea retail chain in the central of Taiwan. Miss Avon-Ma, whom developed her own brand of beverages, marketed and is currently selling her drinks in KOI café. With thriving and leading the market in hand-shaken tea beverages in Taiwan, the use of its proven products in KOI Café ensures the recognition and support of the crowd in Taiwan. Therefore bring success to the first launch of KOI café and had a boost of a remarkable fan base. True to the spirit of Avon-Ma’s product excellence, she created the brand KOI Café in 2006. In 2008 she personally established KOI Café Group(s) Pte Ltd in the thriving estate of Singapore’s Toa Payoh. She is able to keep her set-up cost low by importing the bulk of the materials from Taiwan; she also successfully introduced the authentic flavour of Taiwan’s famous Milk Tea with Pearls at the same time positioning herself to the market with a healthier choice with the varied sugar level for the bubble tea to those in Singapore. Since then, KOI Café has seen burgeoning growth, and in the space of 3 years, it has grown to 9 stores in various parts of Singapore. KOI café differentiates themselves clearly against the usual bubble tea store, from their stylish appearance, and health consciousness on the sugar percentage, the systematic ordering system and their wide variety of choices from their drink menu.

Company’s Mission Statement
Our mission:
To evolve traditional concept of tea and allure innovation into a modern lifestyle – a person, a KOI, a society. Our Tea:
High quality is our pledge. Our passion, dedication and commitment in serving high quality tea even begins on the land and soil that the tea leaves were grown on. Our Team:
With a bunch of energetic, creative and positive team that we engage, we created and developed a sense of belonging that is conducive, further enhancing everyone’s full potential. With mutual respect, dignity we attribute an utmost strength in each. Our Value Customers:

The equation of having our customers’ smile and satisfactory equates the promise of a perfectly made KOI bubble tea. Our team’s warming smile and personal touch we await to render. Our Stores:
A constant effort to create an atmosphere that provides our valued customers’ feel a sense of belonging and well-being that allow enjoyment at the speed of life. Always full of humanity. Our Neighbourhood:

Each of our stores is part of a community therefore we take charge over the responsibility to be good neighbours. We await invitation wherever we do business. We perceive to be a force for positive action – bringing together our team, customers, and community to contribute daily. The world...
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