Marketing Is Connectedness

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  • Published : July 14, 2010
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As Howard Schultz said, « Marketing is the business of filling souls », this statement shows how marketing is concentrating on customers rather than on product. In fact, it’s from this relationship and the study of customers that the products are created to fulfill one’s needs and wants. Marketing is the tool that connects one’s desire and the product related to it. It is a science which helps understanding what people need even if they don’t know about it yet. It reads in people’s mind. Marketing studies people behaviors and way of living on a daily basis, finding the issues or the things that could be improve to have an easier and faster life. Who would have thought one day that a phone could replace a computer, a GPS, a camera, a video tape, an MP3 and that would connect you to the Internet in 1 min to find an information right when you think of it. Marketing did, it erased all the many tools to provide a simple one, gathering them all. What is disturbing in all of that is that these tools created have become necessary to a basic life, it is now part of the way of living, and people would be lost without it. That’s how much marketing can get into people’s mind and make the connection between customers and the business: become existential. That’s also one of the goals: to create lasting customer relationship. The team company chosen is Simon LA, its market segment is composed of different types of customers, having in common not only the natural need to eat that everybody on Earth have, they also need to enjoy this time. Business people come to have a break in their day but also to make business while having a nice time. It creates an informal atmosphere in which it’s enjoyable to make business. They are in their 30s to 60s and they are dynamic, they like cool things, new trends, they live in their time. They have money and they spend it. Families come to the restaurant while they are staying at the hotel, they like things to be convenient, they have kids. They are pretty young (30-40), the parents are both working, they are from different nationalities, coming for vacation to relax and discover Los Angeles or California. The leisure segment is composed by people from Los Angeles, working, dynamic, young and they are likely to be foodies, or night lovers: they enjoy going out and try places, discover new things, they are the kind of persons that wants to be surprised, amazed, astonished. They are the key of word of mouth. They have money, part of them is single, and others are married and have kids. They don’t like a routine way of life. This market segment is demanding and judges everything; the food must be excellent such as the service. Older people, in their 70s, love to break their routine and they usually do so by going out and eat in a nice place to celebrate something (birthday, anniversary, graduation). They have money, they don’t work anymore, they are demanding and care about good care. They take their family and friends out and pay for them. They expect good service and good food. The other market segment is people working, they could have two jobs, they have children and they don’t go out often because they don’t have the money to afford it. They are the ones that are not picky because they are not used to go out all the time and they enjoy each moment. The food is not their first choice; they choose the place depending on the money they will spend. Simon LA’s target segments are business people, families, and leisure...
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