Marketing Introduction, Btec Lvl3

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Task 1 a
Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society. The term developed from the original meaning, which referred literally to going to market, as in shopping, or going to a market to sell goods or services. Marketing practice tends to be seen as a creative industry, which includes advertising, distribution and selling. It is also concerned with anticipating the customers' future needs and wants, which are often discovered through market research. Marketing is influenced by many of the social sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, and economics. Anthropology is also a small, but growing influence. Market research underpins these activities. Through advertising, it is also related to many of the creative arts. The marketing literature is also infamous for re-inventing itself and its vocabulary according to the times and the culture.

Task 1 B
Objectives of a private sector businesses are:
Image and reputation
Quality of product/service
Share pricing
Social issue
Market power
Objectives of public sector businesses:
Availability to all regardless of location or income
High quality service that do not cut corners
Service that offered at prices that are cheaper than a private sector or a free usage of service Availability to anyone whatever their background, class, race, religion, status or income Objectives of Voluntary Sector Businesses:

Voluntary/community organisations whose primary purpose is working to improve the lives of people on a low income or •Community development groups, which primarily address issues relating to anti-poverty work and/or community development, within the Council’s Community Development Strategy. •Working in partnership with the Voluntary Sector Council in targeting geographical areas or communities of interest experiencing high levels of multiple disadvantages as identified by local council. •A non-profit organisation a legally constituted organisation whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public or private interest without any external commercial or monetary profit

Task 1c
SMART objectives are those marketing objectives, which are the most important for a business if they want to succeed and expand. SMART stands for:
S- specific- specify objectives which business want to achieve M- measurable- business should be able to measure, whether it is meeting objectives or not. A- Achievable- organisation should not put objectives, which are not possible to do because of some reasons R- Realistic- company should be sure that objectives are realistic to achieve. T- Timetabled/timebound- business should say up to when they want to achieve those objectives.

Marketing can supports aims of businesses in different ways. The most important is to help to advertise a products or service, so it will become more visible on a market. The other can be that marketing helps to understand customers’ needs, so businesses are able to gain the demand on a market. Marketing also helps society to learn more about how businesses operate and why.

Task 1 d
John Lomas Removals objectives:
Over the past 20 years, John Lomas Removals have built a reputation for providing the highest quality removals services for our discerning customers. Whether you are looking for a domestic or commercial move, small or large, local or national, or even international John Lomas Removals has the answer. We will ensure that we take all the stress out of your move by providing a professional and thorough service from survey to completion. We will undertake a survey at your home, and our consultant will discuss your particular requirements with you, and agree a plan for your removal....
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