Marketing in the Game Industry

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Marketing in Game Industry

Computers and video games have developed so much since the days of first games as well as the people who play them. Nowadays video games are plaid by players of all ages and backgrounds all over the world. the computer and gaming industry in US alone has recorded a 10.5 billion profit with such ammounts of money at stake the competition at this market is fierce, everynoe is struggling for their place under the sun.

And all of the major game developers are spending huge ammounts on advertising.With modern technologies most of developers can create in tehcnical terms identical products, and marketing (advertising) is only thing that diferentiates them. Marketing is not only engaged in advertisments, banners, exhibitions or trailers, it is already in built in the products themselves

Each of the major game producers are aiming for their particuar audience, some aim for more or less everyone, others for teenages, others for adults and so on.As a result game developers are usually keeping some of the games visual aspects quite simmilar in all of their games. So that the customer who found one game enjoyable would at a later time recognize the same visuals at other gameproducts and for business-tobusiness product) .This is only one of the many ways of how the companies promote their products.

Another example would be the biggest gaming exhibition in the world E3 or as it was called Electronic entertainement expo, which for the first time started in 1995. every year since then, game developers, computer producers, and everyone who is any way engaged in gaming industry can be found under one roof in a massive marketing event where everyone presents their new products and inventions.Online advertising got its start in the early 1990s. In the year 2012 the e3 had connected 45.700 industry personel, generated 30.000 hotel bookings and earned the city around 40million usd.

Throughout my work i will write how the marketing developed in the game industry, from simple advertisments and posters, to the massive exhibitions connecting millions of gaming fans.

Relevance of the topic

It is a very sensitive topic on how to make people get involved in game industry and how to make people buy computer games

In this project I am speaking exactly about the game industry, the main question is do these companies need to change their marketing strategies in order to acquire new people in the gaming sector

Research problem

There is a wide range of choosing the method how you can position your company. In this project I am interested it the game industry as a whole . It is very interesting for me to analyse is it worth for a game developer to change its marketing priorities in order to get new segment of people . Also it is very important for start ups, to understand different ways that a game developer can enter the market. Secondly, I am interested and I have some aims to open a Game Development company, that’s why it is important for me to make a research if how this market segment responds to the newcomers and what is the competition , and how to get people attracted to your type of games .

Research objectives

To learn about the market of the game industry. To see what are the buying habits and how people behave in the segment . Also to see the buying power in the industry of today.

Research process

The marketing research process has been described as a set of anywhere from 6 to 11 standardized stages. It is defined as an information research process that consists of four distinct yet interrelated phases that have a logical, hierarchical ordering: (1) determination of the research problem,

(2) development of the appropriate research design,
(3) execution of the research design,

(4) communication of the results.


To be able to answer the research...
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