Marketing Ghajini: Bollywood's Biggest Blockbuster

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  • Published : February 28, 2012
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On December 25, 2008, the much-awaited Hindi film, 'Ghajini' (a revenge drama) was released and it went on to become an instant hit. It opened to packed houses and grossed Rs.320 million in one day worldwide. Its first week collections amounted to Rs. 1 billion in India. According to trade observers, it had broken all records set by earlier Bollywood films.

The success of the film was widely attributed to aggressive marketing strategies adopted by the film maker (Geetha Arts) in conjunction with the lead actor of the film, Aamir Khan (Aamir), one of the top actors in the Hindi film industry, who played the lead role in the promotion of the film.

The Marketing strategies included viral marketing, ambush marketing, television advertising, multiplex promotion, tie-ups with several well-known brands, and merchandising. In addition to this, a 3D PC game based on the film was also launched.

The Distribution strategy was also unique. Experts felt that the makers of Ghajini had raised the bar for film promotion in India. They felt that the rules of film promotion have changed as film makers were becoming more and more aggressive in their marketing strategies in their bid to ensure that the movie was viewed by the maximum number of people.

It is well known fact that aamir is not only a brilliant actor but also an intelligent marketer. In times like these when the success of a film hugely depends on the business it does in the first two weeks the marketing genius leaves no stone unturned to spread the word for his films and create a sense of rush among his fans to watch the film as early as possible. Ghajini is the latest offering from Aamir’s stable and needless to say he’s all over the place promoting it and pulling off acts that’ll put most marketers to shame.

Also what’s noteworthy is the fact that Internet Marketing for Ghajini has been a very significant chunk of the overall marketing strategy. Hungama is the brain behind the Internet Marketing for Ghajini.


The following details the various marketing tactics that went into marketing Ghajini and how they were executed.

1) The Look(Online & Offline):

Think Ghajini, Think Aamir khan’s new and conspicuous hair cut and all those tattoos. That hair cut is the latest rage in country. Huge and never thought of before efforts have been made to imprint his hairdo into audience’s mind.

Online Tactics:

a) Aamir’s blog carries a full screen sized picture as on the film posters.

b) Two of the three websites related to the film also have a big bare chested picture of his on their homepage to reaffirm the associations ( and )

Offline Tactics:

1) First and Foremost Aamir Khan still had the same haircut till 100th day of the film.

2) Aamir and his producers tied up with leading multiplexes (PVR, BIG, Cinemax) across the country to give all the ushers, ticket-sellers the distinctive “Buzz-cut” that Aamir sports in the film.

3)Aamir personally gave the ‘buzz cut’ — the hairstyle the actor sports in Ghajini to his fans in Delhi

2) Getting fans Involved (Online):

Aamir & co have got another important bit right i.e “Interactive promotion”. Rather than doing one way communication/broadcast through the film site or simply sharing content they’ve involved his fans in the film’s promotion.

wallofsuspects: A supporting viral website for the film aims to replicate a similar concept from the film. To checkout the wallofsuspects one needs to have a code which can be obtained by uploading your or your friends images. One can also provide their mobile number which can be used to intimate if they win some prize.

Find ghajini : Another viral website built around the film. It’s a viral gaming application where the users can play the role of Aamir’s character in the film and try to find Ghajini through the clues provided....
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