Marketing Geography

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GGR252H5 S - Marketing Geography

Assignment 1

Student Name: Ren, Qiaoyue Student Number: 999231068 Course Instructor: Joseph Leydon Lecture Session: LEC 0101 Due Date: Feb. 4th, 2013 at 12pm


Marketing Geography - Assignment 1 Introduction: Consumers always play the essential role in marketing. So, understanding different buying patterns is very important for marketing and retail analysts to be successful in the business. Nowadays, more and more marketers begin to pay more attention to investigate that what and why different consumers can form different buying patterns. For example, what kinds of stores they like to visit, what places they prefer to go and why, what kinds of products and how frequently they buy in a certain period of the time and so on. However, knowing different types of consumers buying behaviors is complicated because many aspects such as age, family income, occupation, education can influence their buying behaviors. This paper will discuss and demonstrate that how these factors can influence or even determine different buying patterns through data collected from four Dissemination Areas (D.A.), which are the smallest geographic unit for census data organization, and can help readers to understand consumers buying patterns. Population Profile

40% % 35% 30% o f 25% 20% t 15% o t 10% a 5% l 0%

Population by different age groups, 0-55 years and over, for four selected Dissemination Areas

< 20 years DA35210850
Source: Census of Canada 2006

20 to 34 years Age DA35210851 Figure 1 1

35 to 54 years DA35210852

55 years and over DA35211459

Marketing Geography - Assignment 1

45% % 40% 35% o 30% f 25% t 20% o 15% t 10% a 5% l 0%

Population by different income groups, family income in 2005, for four selected Dissemination Areas

$89,999 DA35211459

40% % 35% 30% o f 25% 20% t o 15% t a 10% l 5% 0%

Population by different occupation groups, for four selected Dissemination Areas





Type of Occupation DA35210850
Source: Census of Canada 2006




Figure 3 2

Marketing Geography - Assignment 1



Population by different education groups, for four selected Dissemination Areas

30% o f 25% t 20% o t 15% a 10% l 5% 0% No Certification High school diploma Apprenticeship / University degree College DA35211459

Source: Census of Canada 2006

Level of Education DA35210851 DA35210852

Figure 4 It is easy can figure out the overall population characteristics by analyzing data which presented from Census of Canada 2006. In general, different age of population, family income, and different types of occupation as well as different levels of education are four main aspects that can influence buying patterns of consumers. The dominant characteristic of buyers is intermediate purchasing power. According to the graphs which had been presented the data from these four Dissemination Areas, there are two main types of age groups. The first one is young people group who has the age less than 20 years old, and the second one is middle age group, who has age between 35 to 54 years old. There are relatively less people who have age above 55 years or even older live in this big area. For the most of young people, because they do not have their own job, so, it is more difficult to get higher family income and they should not have strong 3

Marketing Geography - Assignment 1 purchasing power. However, there are many middle age people live in this area and they can make much higher income. Most people can get income between $30,000 and $90,000, which means the average income is around $60,000, and this level of family income is enough for the most of people to live in this area. Moreover, there are also around 15% of people who have family income above $90,000, although they have very strong purchasing power, this group is not big enough to influence dominant level...
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