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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Marketing Function and Strategy Audit

Each of the following main areas needs to be addressed as a part of this audit; the questions listed are only guidelines to help you gather the essential information to assist in your analysis. It is important to cover each particular topic, but in a way that is most meaningful for the organization that you have selected.

When the questions result in a simple affirmative or negative answer, please elaborate on how you reached your conclusion.

Marketing Function Audit

1. Products
• What are the company's product line objectives?
• What areas of product and brand strategy need improvement? 2. Price
• What are the company's pricing objectives, policies, strategies, and procedures? 3. Distribution
• What are the company's distribution objectives and strategies? • Is there adequate market coverage and service?
4. Integrated Marketing Communications
• What are the organization's advertising objectives?
• Are the advertising media well chosen?
• Is there effective and sufficient use of sales promotion tools such as samples, coupons, displays, and sales contests? • How is the company using direct, online, and database marketing? Strategy Audit

1. Business Mission
• Is the business mission clearly stated in market-oriented terms? • Is it feasible?
2. Marketing Objectives and Goals
• Are the company and marketing objectives and goals stated clearly enough to guide marketing planning and performance measurement? • Are the marketing objectives appropriate, given the company's competitive position, resources, and opportunities? 3. Strategy

• Has the management articulated a clear marketing strategy for achieving its marketing objectives? • Has the company developed an effective positioning and marketing mix for each target segment?
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