Marketing for Volkswagen

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Marketing for Volkswagen
The Volkswagen Group, one of world`s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmaker in Europe. The Group operates 48 production plants in thirteen Europe countries and a further six countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa. Around the world, more than 360,000 employees produce almost 25,400 vehicles or are involved in vehicle-related services each working day. The Volkswagen Group sells its vehicles in more than 150 countries. Recently years, global warming has become an international problem. The co2 from the vehicle is one of the most direct courses. Now, as the leader of the automobile manufacturers. Volkswagen pools all of its eco-friendly innovations under an umbrella brand that signifies efficiency: Blue Motion Technologies. This year, the vehicles labeled with Bluemotion tag is going to sell in eastern china and shanghai.

Main body
1. Marketing concept of the Volkswagen Shanghai
1.1Original ideals
A company always needs original ideals. Especially a big company like Volkswagen. The market changes everyday, people`s consumptive ideas changing everyday also. So, original ideals can help the company catch its old customers and attract new customers.

1.2 Be a civic-minded company
Always pay more attention to the environment and do more public activities. Volkswagen is a big company, but also a part of the society. As a automobile manufacturer, should always pay attention to the environment. The vehicles it makes will produce much waste gas. So, pay attention to the environment protection can show the responsibilities of the society and its customers.

Customer is the source of life of the company. A company always needs to take care of the customers. Give them best vehicles, never cheat them. Never let them lose the trust of the company. Good after-sell service is also needed. No one can promise the vehicle won`t have problem after the customer bought it. Fix it and a sincerely apologize can solve many unnecessary problems. Focus on the customer can also make a good benefit. For example, the Touran from Volkswagen has a good humanistic design. This car have a perfect order of its seats. The car itself is not big, but this design makes the space inside much larger than any cars in the same size. This makes Touran be the best choice for the middle class and makes a lot of money for the Volkswagen.

2. Market positioning
Eastern China and shanghai is the richest place of China. This part produce the largest part of GDP in China. This is the best place to sell the vehicle with bluemotion technology. But not everyone in eastern China and shanghai will be interested. Here is the positioning of the market.

2.1 Market classify
2.1.1 Market in single people

By the great economic growing in China, more and more people can by a private car. This would be a great market for the vehicle with bluemotion technology. Classify by sex

Most males have a great interested in the vehicle, a large part of them would like the big vehicle with a strong power. Many cars in Volkswagen, like Lamborghini. A supercar. Many men dreamed to have one. Females would be interest in a small and good looking vehicle. The Volkswagen Beetle`s streamlined outlook and colorful appearance is the best choice for a women. Classify by age

In technically, the Volkswagen car is suitable for very level of age, someone who can drive a car. But the main level is the people from 25 to 60, who have ability to buy a car by himself. So, the main market is the adult from 25 to 60. by income

The vehicles produce by Volkswagen are in the medium and high grade. The bluemotion technology is mainly use in the vehicles better than average. People with low income will not able to afford it. People with high income would like to buy the cars in top grate. So, people`s income between 5000-10,000RMB per month will be interest in the...
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