Marketing for Teenagers

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Marketing for Teenagers
Don Crabtree
May 14, 2012

Today’s teenagers are our newest generation susceptible to advertisement. In order to properly market for these children one must first understand them. Teens are the technological junkies of our nation, these children ranging from ages 12-18 have never gone a day without the internet. They are less trusting then previous generations with today’s advertisements. Also, peer acceptance and personal appearance is very important to this generation, this playing a key role in marketing. Teenagers are more aware of scams that happen every day and are less likely to fall for one. Since the internet is their primary source of entertainment this is where they are going to most likely run into advertisements the most. Because of their “street smarts” they are less likely to fall for scams because they tend to over look or bypass pop up window advertisements, along with the knowledge that such pop ups might give their computer a virus. Teens also see advertisements online as a bother because it disrupts what their primary goal is which tends to be social networking. With the fact that teens are less trusting of big flashy advertisements, this might be something to consider when grabbing their attention. Making an advertisement less intrusive and more interactive will surely get their attention quicker. “Even though they have grown up in the middle of a national moral meltdown, this generation has a good understanding of right and wrong. They are street smart and have considerable marketing savvy.” (Williams & Page, n.d.). Peer acceptance plays a big role in the teenagers of today. Considering not everyone has the same social status one must keep in mind that most of the teens want the same things. They want to be just like their friends. Through social networking teenagers are able to share videos and pictures and this alone will influence a teen to purchase...
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