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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Marketing & Advertising Strategies Exercise 2 Chloe Choo Mathisha Mahawalage Leow Shu Min

Introduction of the Market The Wedding and Bridal industry in Singapore is currently growing and still thriving and believed to be a billion dollar industry. Many believe that it has not reached its fullest potential; from the rising demand of wedding couples wanting to make their special day more special than anyone else’s. These hopeless romantics go out to great lengths to create and tailor a wedding that stands out from the crowd with extravagant and personalised flourishes, and a zany element of two. As quickly as these trends of weddings are rising, a growing group of companies are attempting to cater and conceive every idea imaginable for a couple’s big day, and the couples are willing to shell out the big bucks to say “I Do” their way. In a sense, it is a business made in heaven.

Introduction of the Brand Poppy is a floral designer and leading party planner in Singapore that started in the year 2000. Over the years, Poppy has been expanding in all the ways she can like, doing dessert tables and catering to different occasions like birthday parties, company gatherings and special events. Apart from that, she also does customised bouquets and corsages and venue decorations for the wedding couples. She also has a wedding store that features small products that can be purchased over the website by the consumers. Poppy also offers services like event planning especially for weddings and wedding couples who go to them for that particular service gets a cheaper rate because of the associates and affiliates like catering vendors, venue and vehicle vendors. From planning party themes, personalising invitation cards, engaging entertainment or quartet performances to customising little gifts for your guests, Poppy caters to the every couple’s fancy.

Marketing & Advertising Strategies Exercise 2 Chloe Choo Mathisha Mahawalage Leow Shu Min

Analysis We broke down the strength and weakness of poppy to further understand the needs of the brand. The strength of this brand is good customer service and fresh premium quality products. This therefore provides the customers a better shopping experience. Also, the company offers creative and customizable ideas because of the niche target audiences. Through our research, we understand that the niche group of target audiences (bride) like their bouquets, wedding favors and decorations to be according to their personal likings and one of a kind. The company also has their own in house chef to do the baking for the wedding favors to suit the different needs of the bride and groom. All these would contribute to the good regeneration of high sales and revenue. The weakness of this company is the lack of manpower so the wedding projects that involve decorations of the venue is limited and restricted. Because of the lack of manpower franchising the company is hard. The work put into every bouquet and decoration is handmade and not everyone have the touch and flare for it therefore, finding a specialized group of employee is also a challenge. The opportunity that the company have is to open a small cafe that serves light snacks and beverages as well as to have a flower store inside the cafe. This way, this can attract potential customers to sign up for workshops done by the florist or even passers-by who share the same interest like �lower gazing. The brand also gets features on wedding planner platforms like Wedding Bureau and Eternally Yours. She also collaborates with bridal boutiques offering special deals for the wedding couples. The threats that the company face are the direct competitors such as Fiore Borato and Boenga and the brands in this ever growing trade of this industry.

Target Audience and Segmentation The main target audience are obviously brides, as they are the ones doing most of the planning.

Marketing & Advertising Strategies Exercise 2 Chloe Choo Mathisha Mahawalage...
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