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Assignment 2

Research Objectives (task 1):

• Where does Chevrolet currently sit in the minds of the 18-25 age group?

• What are the connotations of the Chevrolet brand?

• What is the potential to be a ‘cool’ and ‘must-have’ brand?

Instrument 1 – Focus Group

We have decided to conduct a focus group as one of our research instruments because it will collect qualitative data which is relevant for our objectives because we need to find out opinions and ideas which may be difficult to group into close-ended questions. It will consist of 6 participants who are between the ages of 18 – 25 and own a car. The focus group will allow participants to share spontaneous ideas which they are free to discuss because of the semi-structured nature of the instrument; this will reflect what the client asked for in the brief. A focus group is very useful for exploratory research because the group synergy can provide a wide range of information and spark new ideas which can be later researched further with descriptive research.

Focus Group Design

Pre-amble (5 minutes)

• Thanks and welcome

• “We are conducting this research to discover your opinions and ideas regarding particular car brands. Your data will be kept confidential and will be used for research purposes only. There will be no right or wrong answers; we are looking for your spontaneous responses.”

• Do you have any questions before we begin?

Introduction and Warm-Up (5 minutes)

• First Name

• What is the best thing about having a car?

• What is the worst thing about having a car?

Car Usage (10 minutes)

• Which car do you have?

• Why did you choose this car?

• What do you think about this car? Why?

Car Brands (10 minutes)

• Which car brand is the coolest?

• Which car brand is the most 'must-have'?

• What affordable car brands would you associate with being ‘cool’? Why?

• What affordable car brands do you associate with being ‘must have’? Why?

• What makes a car brand ‘cool’?

• What makes a car brand ‘must-have’?


Chevrolet (30 minutes)

• Who would you associate with buying a Chevrolet car? Why?

• Would you buy a Chevrolet car? Why?

• What aspects of the Chevrolet brand appeals to you?

• What would your friends think if you bought a Chevrolet car?

• Do you think Chevrolet is a ‘cool’ brand? Why?

• Do you think Chevrolet is a 'must-have' brand?

• Which models of Chevrolet would you say are 'cool'? Why?

• Which models of Chevrolet would you say are 'must-have'? Why?

• Which models of Chevrolet would most likely appeal to young drivers? Why?

• How do you think Chevrolet could improve their brand image?


Projective Techniques (20 minutes)

• When you hear the word 'Chevrolet,’ what do you think of? Why?

• Imagine that a 20 year old man is driving a Chevrolet car. What will other people think of him? Why?

• Complete the sentence. A 22 year old woman bought a Chevrolet car because...

• Complete the sentence. A 19 year old male decided not to buy a Chevrolet car because…

• Imagine an intern working for Chevrolet, as a task he is asked what advice he would give to Chevrolet to help them improve their brand image and appear ‘cool’ and ‘must-have’ to the 18-25 age group. What advice would he give?

Closing Exercise (10 minutes)

• Finally, I want you to think of car brand that you would associate as being ‘cool’ for your age group and name as many things as you can think of as to why you associate them with being ‘cool’.

• Can you do the same with a brand that you think is ‘must-have’?


Ending (2 minutes)

• Thank participants and close session

Instrument 2 – Questionnaire

For the second research method instrument, we have chosen to conduct a questionnaire...
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