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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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XYZ Construction, Inc.

XYZ Construction Marketing, Inc. Marketing Plan
Pamela Bryant
Northcentral Univesity

This marketing plan will develop the expansion of the XYZ Construction, Inc. from the state and federal supported construction industry to the private and residential construction industry. The growth of the company as well as the future goals are to be developed through a marketing plan that will a strategy to enter a market that has not been explored previously. The next twelve months the company will seek development in all areas of the business that will transform the ownership from private to public. Bryant Consultant brought in as a contractor will help develop a marketing plan as the first step in the transition. Through this relationship, the development of a marketing flyer and other marketing materials they will distribute to current and future customers outlining key offering. The plan will consist of four phases outlining the following, services, marketing strategy, financial strategy, design and delivery.

Company Background
XYZ Construction, Inc. is a family owned business, which has existed since 1950. A privately owned company, their success has been in state and federally funded projects tailored to roads, airfields and bridges. XYZ Construction currently has 16 field offices located in 11 states with a headquarters in Denver, Colorado. With the majority of their experience being in projects that relate to road and airfields the staff currently, consist of equipment operators, civil engineers and project managers. The company’s staff will expand to meet the needs of the changes XYZ will face during the transition from private to a public offering company. The company currently has 2,300 year round employees (Kroeten, 2013) Services

Currently XYZ Construction, Inc. services the commercial area. The local units create highways, roads and other avenues of transportation expansion. In the area of commercial...
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